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Do you have a hard time maintaining healthier habits? You may need to consider a “whole person” approach to your health. Kia Nesmith is a women’s health & empowerment coach and the founder of Simply Wellness. In this video, Kia discusses some of the barriers to making lasting health changes and shares how living with intention can help you create “whole life health.”

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  • Why are healthy habits hard to maintain?
  • How can I make new health habits really last?
  • What are some simple changes that will have a big impact on my health?

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Hello, and welcome to hormone breakthrough Wednesday with Robin Nielsen. I'm so honored that you've chosen to be here with me, because I know there are a lot of ways you could be spending your time. My mission is to show women how to take charge of their health naturally. So they can be in a place of wellness, happiness, peace and love more of the time. So this spreads to their families, their communities and to the world. You know, we've been taught to focus on the wrong things to heal ourselves. And we've also been taught that the solution to feeling better is in the control of someone else. I'm here to help you take the control of your health back. Your healing starts here. And just by showing up today, your genes your genetics, your DNA, are already starting to express themselves for the better. You're already starting to heal just by being here today. Isn't that amazing? Show up and take action and you will see wonderful results. feeling more confident, vibrant and sexy is how we roll around here. Welcome to today's program. I have a really special guest for you today. Her name is Kia Nesmith, she's, she's actually on my team. She's so amazing. And I'm really excited to to interview her today because she has a really incredible practice and she helps women in a very similar way to the way I help women really take charge of their health and be in control. Key as a women's health and empowerment coach and founder of simply wellness. She is dedicated to helping professional and entrepreneurial women develop vibrant physical, mental and emotional health while experiencing fun joy and contentment. In work in life. She brings two decades of combined experience and functional nutrition, psychology research and counseling to support the creation of whole life health, that has her clients thriving and all aspects of their lives. And I know this firsthand because she does this with my private clients. As a coach, workshop leader and award winning speaker Kia is passionate about bringing a whole life health transformation to others that will in turn positively impact the health of their communities, and the health of our world. Here it is so great to have you with us here today. Welcome.

Thank you, Robin, it's so wonderful to be here today. I'm so excited to have a chance to talk with you like this.
Yeah, it's really special. It's so special. And if you're joining in here with us live today, or you're watching the replay, please say hello and let us know where you're joining in from and love up at least three other women today because that's how we heal. Right. That's how we heal. So today we're gonna talk about how intentional living creates a greater success on your health journey. I love that.

Yeah, yeah, it's a great concept, right? We we hear about intentions all the time, and we kind of throw them out there. But when we actually start to incorporate them as some as a way to live, right, not just some arbitrary thing, not just something that kind of casually flight floats in and out. But a way to kind of live and operate in your life, you actually find that this is such it makes such a huge difference, because instead of feeling like you're swimming upstream all the time, trying to make changes trying to implement new habits trying to heal in different ways. Right? When you you are living intentionally living with intention, then you're swimming downstream. It's like it just flows around you and it makes those changes that you're trying to implement. So much more accessible.

Yeah. All right. So today, today, we're going to learn about a few things, the concept of whole life health and why it's so important. And then, yeah, we all have these great ideas of what we should be doing for our health. In fact, I know that many of us in this community say I know what to do, right? I know what to do. We've done a lot of research, we've implemented a lot of things, but we're still not seeing the results that we want to see. So we get that and so we're gonna go over why, why it stops us from being able to implement or what stops us from being able to implement and have success with them. And then why intentions, what are they and how do I make them successful for me, maybe how do I reach them? And yeah, I like that too. Can I just decide to do something and be done with it and what's your favorite way to make Teen vibrant good health. All right. So yeah, so let's talk about the way people are stopped doing the healthy habits that make them feel good. Oh, yeah. Okay, so let me start over. This is what we're going to learn why people stopped doing the healthy habits that make them feel good. And I was just, that's so great, because I was just talking to someone today about that. So I'll share that in a minute. The key to making new habits really last, and how something so simple can make such a big impact in your life. So that's so great. All right, so then let's go back. Yeah, I was just talking to one of my clients today, and, and she said that she had stopped doing something that was really serving her when she got a puppy. So it's been a year since she, since she meditated, because the sooner she gets up in the morning, the puppy takes over her day, right? It's not a puppy clearly anymore, but still in the kind of puppy phase of life. So yeah, you know, and then we forget that that was a really important start to our day. And it's gone, like, so easily. So talk about the concept of Whole Health life.

But life health, or life health, I love this concept. Because you know, so often we look at our health as how we feel, right? Our physical body, how we feel in our physical body, we want to release weight, we want to not be so tired, we want to not have achy joints, right, all of these things. That's what we're really focused on when it comes to health. The problem with narrowing our health, just to our physical health, is that it's only a snapshot of sort of how we operate as a human being and what kind of how complex we are. So when we are working towards vibrant health, when we're on a health journey, which all of us who are here are on a health journey, right? When we're on a health journey, it's so important to actually look at all the areas of our life, because they will influence your ability to have success with your health. Right. And that comes to emotional health, mental health, right? All of those are really, really important. But also things like our relationships, right? I know, you talked about this all the time, our environment around us how our home is set up, right, but the things that we choose to do every day, all of those things really impact our ability to have success. And so I like to think of it as whole life health when I work with clients, we're not just focused on the physical health piece, right? Like you we are focused on this concept of, I need to line the things up in my life, so that it serves me and it serves my health. Right, not try to shove my health into this box that is sort of pre defined in my life. Right?

I love that. Yeah. Yeah, so I, I talked about, you know, a woman in my community who had given up, you know, meditation for dealing with her puppy every morning, is there something in your life that you can think back that you used to do that really supported you? That you're no longer doing? And if you can, if something comes up for you just post it in the comments right here. And kind of what what Kia mentioned about really, you know, broadening your view of, of health, to not just be how you're feeling each moment of every day, but also your relationships, your environment, community, you know, activities, the quality of your life, you know, yeah, what's coming up for you around that? I think that would be really interesting to see, because I know when we first moved here to this new area, yeah, I had to, you know, make new friends, right? Find find my tennis community Find. Find just, you know, basic friends to go for a walk with I had to, you know, kind of reestablish everything and and so what, you know, what ways can we can we can, how can we do that, you know, easily and get reconnected because that's so important. So, yeah, we all have great ideas, what we should be doing for our health. I tell you. This group has a lot of good ideas. We have a lot of opinions about things here. And so what stops us from being able to implement and have success with them?

Yeah, yeah. Well, in some ways, there's a lot of things that stop us, but really, you know, it's it's the way that we are approaching this So I just want to go back for a moment to convey what you're talking about in terms of, you have something that you've been doing that's making you feel good. And it goes away. Usually, because something in life has happened, right? I call these life happened moments. And it can be a positive life happened moment, I got a puppy, or I moved to my new home, right. And yet, unless we are being intentional about how we're setting ourselves up in this new environment that is now around us, it's really easy to let things go, that we don't even realize we're letting go. Right? Until at one point, like, oh, my gosh, how long has it been? Since I've done it? Why did I stopped doing that? I don't understand what happened, you know. And we sort of find that it's not what we really want it to be. The other piece that makes it really hard for us to do the right things, is most of us rely on willpower to do it. We just say, Oh, I'm going to do it. Okay, here's my plan. This is what I'm going to do. And then we just expect ourselves to just do it. Right. But unfortunately, we're human beings. And this is not actually how we operate. I've always thought it's really interesting, right? This is what New Year's resolutions are, they are all about willpower, because you're just making a decision to do something. And of course, you're going to do it. But over 90% of New Year's resolutions fail, because we don't do well with willpower. I actually recently heard an example of kind of a way to conceptualize willpower. And you can think of it in terms of like, it's a muscle, right? So it starts out feeling really strong. We can basically force ourselves to do pretty much anything for a short period of time, right? Willpower is a strong muscle. But like any other muscle in our body, it gets tired when we are using it all the time. Yeah. So if we're trying to use willpower to accomplish things, over time, it's getting fatigued, it wears out and all of a sudden, it's gone. Right?

You say over time, that's like three days? Because here's the thing that willpower is, it's a finite resource. And if you don't feel well, right, it's very energy driven. So if you don't feel well, you're gonna have this much willpower. So what's the like? What's the secretly how do we get around the willpower piece? Because, you know, I dieted and over exercise for decades, relying solely on willpower, and clearly it didn't work.

Totally. Yeah, I mean, I think most of us have been in a portion of a health journey that looked like that, right. But starting and stopping and starting and stop again, I'm going to try this one, because obviously, that one didn't work. So I'm gonna do it this way. Why am I doing this? Right, right. So there's a lot of different I mean, this is where it comes to kind of behavioral psychology, right? There's a lot of different tools and things that we can use to help us actually integrate new habits successfully. That mean, they're going to last they're going to be sustainable. You know? And, and these are some of the things that I dive into with clients on okay, how do we take this big thing that we want to do, right, this big goal that I have for myself, and how do we create it, so that it's going to be sustainable. But I think the kind of the platform that I like to build all of that off of is this idea of intentional living. Right? When we live from a place of intention, then all of those behavior change, things make more sense, they become easier. It's like you stop pushing against it, right? And so this idea of creating intention about what you are doing and how you are living is beautiful. It's like I think of it as the foundational work that allows all the other stacking stuff to happen.

Yeah, as beautiful and clear. You're so good at what you do. You're so good at helping us get refocused on our intentions, like, you know, that's what you do for all the ladies in, in our program here is, you know, you really help, you know, help them get those little Gremlins right off their shoulders, just kind of knock them off or like you don't belong here. Yeah, and, and really get focused on what we want for ourselves. You know, I think that's like incredibly powerful and we certainly use that, you know, here, natural hormone solution and you know, you've Brian a lot of that in and it's incredibly important. And, yeah, so So what is, you know, for those of you listening live and watching the replay, you know, what is something that you've tried to use willpower for, you know, over the years, you know, dieting is something that clearly comes to mind, but it might be exercising, it might be, you know, a new habit that you've, you know, that's maybe harder to do that you've tried to implement with willpower, and it's really been quite elusive. You know, just put it right here in the comments. And I think that we're gonna see a lot of commonalities. You know, in some of the ways that we've, we've used willpower, you know, to be successful. You know, I am gonna go to bed earlier, we're gonna do it, I'm gonna do it.

One of my favorites. I am going to start meditating for a half an hour every day starting tomorrow, like, I'm just gonna do it. I'm gonna meditate, I'm gonna become a meditator.

Oh, yeah, one of the things about meditation, it's really hard to meditate when there's a storm going on, you have to kind of kind of, you know, learn how to transition into it. Yeah, so So why intentions? What are they? How do they how do I make them successful for me?

So intentions, I like to think of intentions as the lens through which you are looking at everything else, right? And you can create intentions for everything, right? So you don't have to come up with one glorious intention that is going to rule all your days, right? That's not how they work. You can create an intention for everything, you can create an intention for your health, you can create an intention for your body movement, you can break it down even further, right, you can create an intention for how you're going to nourish your body. Right, all of those things. And the way that I encourage people to create them, is to think to yourself, what is the end result that I want? What is it that I really how do I want to feel? How do I want to be? Right? So if we talk about nourishment, because I know this is a sticky subject for a lot of people, right? What we eat, if you think to yourself, Okay, well, what is the point of food for my body? Well, really, the point of food is to nourish yourself to nourish your body and to provide you with energy. So if your intention, just for today, is Okay, today, I'm going to do my best to nourish my body, so it can have the best energy possible today. Great. So now we use this intention, you walk into the kitchen, you have an array of choices of what you're going to eat this, now your intention becomes the lens, this is what you are looking through, as you are making your choices. So you have the choice for maybe we're talking about, let's talk about your morning meal, maybe you have a choice for cold cereal with milk, or you have a choice of a veggie protein shake. Or you have a choice of eggs and bacon, right? Or you have a choice of new we could go on and on. Right? So you're looking at these choices, but instead of saying, Oh, well, this will taste good, or that's quick and easy or right. But your intention today is to nourish your body for energy. So now you're looking at these choices and going okay, what is it that is going to help me best fulfill this intention? Right, you now have a filter, maybe there's a day where your intention is to say, what is the fastest meal, because I only have five minutes before my next meeting, I need to have something that'll work right? You're not going to like create eggs benedict for yourself. Your intention, right? So your intention can keep shifting. But the idea is to first start thinking about within this area of my life. What do I want the end result to look like? How do I want to feel? What do I want it to kind of if I'm embodying it, right, I can close my eyes. I can imagine myself there. I'm already there. What does that look like? Okay, what is the intention around that? What is the lens that's going to help facilitate all my decisions so that I can actually achieve that?

Yeah, so so so the intention creates an awareness creates an awareness and now you make choices based on that intention, rather than based on nothing and just Just what you feel like eating right now. Right?

That's right. That's all based on the, like willpower preconceived notion of what I should do. Right? It's just a very different thing for our brain, right? To walk into a kitchen and be like, well, I can't have that. Right? So I have to have this right, you can feel the kind of weight of like, No, I don't want to cheat, right? By the way, I hate that word. Nobody should ever use that word. It's totally negative word, right? Just a can't. Right? Or shame on me. If I do, everything is so cool. Versus I get to choose what's best for me.

Yeah, I get to choose what's going to bring me energy right now. So I'm going to because it because the other way, you're right, it's a really heavy, heavy, negative can't shouldn't all those words are off shading. As opposed to, I get to bring up my energy, like, how am I going to do that? That's right foods, what you know, it's almost like an energy thing. Like attracts like, right now you're, now you're heading towards that thing that's gonna bring you energy. And it's a, it's a, you're choosing it. Like, that's pretty powerful.

It's totally empowered way to live. Right now. I am in charge of me, I'm in charge of my decisions, I get to choose the best things for myself, right? And this actually releases all sorts of fabulous things, right? Dopamine shows up in our brain because we're now being rewarded. Right? We're rewarding ourselves. And so it's just it's such a great positive cycle, you can actually learn to kind of live off of the intentional high. Because it does when you start living this way. It's also good, right?

It's lighter, yeah. Lighter. And, and so maybe we try that maybe today, you make an intention, every time you're going to make a meal for yourself, what is it? How is it you want to feel? What do you want your meal to do for you like, that might be a really cool way to get started. I love that example. So what is your intention around food each time you go to eat just today? You know? That's great. Awesome. I love it. So, so you have you have a great, I just want to show you a great program coming up. And and it's called lighten your life, which is just feel so good already. And you're going to share a little bit about that with us in a few minutes. Because it's really kind of diving into some of these concepts a lot more and really helping you, I think solidify some of these things that you want for yourself. Can you tell us a little bit about how the program kind of goes deeper?

Yeah, so we take this concept of intention. But like you said, we dive deeper with it. So there's a lot of other pieces to the puzzle, right? I can't just have you go, Okay, I'm going to create intentions and all will be fabulous in my world, and nothing will be wrong ever again. Right? When that'd be lovely. But we can't. So the workshop is really there to help you kind of learn how to use this on a regular basis. But what are the other things that we need to be aware of at the same time, right. You mentioned Robin mentioned our Gremlins, we talked about our Gremlins during workshop, because they're, they're the pieces of you, that keep you going like this. And they keep you stuck, and they keep you hiding. And they keep you from actually shifting and making change. So we need to be able to identify what those are, how to talk to them, how to brush them off, send them on their way, right and be successful with that in order for this idea of intentional living to actually work. So during the workshop, we actually get to it's very interactive, you get to actually create your own personalized plan, right for how these things are going to work for you. And what are the steps that you can take then to live lighter, right? This is both physical, emotional and mental weight that we're all walking around with, right? Sometimes it's not the physical weight that actually feels the most heavy. And a lot of times the physical weight won't actually bend. If the mental and emotional weight is making you do this. Right? It's really hard like Robin was saying before, it's really hard to actually put the steps in place. If you're not feeling good, right?
It's really impossible. That's right.

So the workshop is just there as a way to jumpstart this for you to help you figure out, okay, these are the things that have been holding me back in the past. These are the reasons that I have been doing this start, stop, start stop thing. And here is my own plan for the direction I want to be going in my health. And in my life. This is where I can start.
So this work is foundational. Like it's really, it's, it's really more important than knowing what to eat, knowing how to exercise, knowing how to take care of yourself, it's more important in the beginning, because you'll figure out the how later. But you've got to set the foundation so that your life can be set up in a way that you can actually achieve something. Because we end up doing things backwards, you know, we do all this research on you know, what's going to support us to feel better, but then we can't actually implement it. Or if we can start to implement it, maybe it's the wrong way that we're implementing it. And when we can't sustain it, like it's just, it's never going to be sustainable unless you put the practices that Kia is talking about into place. And I think that's probably the biggest roadblock, the biggest roadblock to reaching our health goals is, is relying on willpower and and just, you know, just kind of brute strength, you know, emotional and physical strength. That's just never gonna get us there. Yeah, so we'll share the link in just a moment for for Kias program, but, uh, like, what is your favorite way to maintain vibrant, good health?

I love this question. So I think, my favorite way, this is a little longer answer. But my favorite way to maintain vibrant good health is to identify for me, what are my non negotiables. And you can't actually discover what your non negotiables are, until you're sort of in it in flowing with your health and flowing with your life, right. And all of these things are coming together. But then you discover these are my non negotiables. And I know this is a term that Robin uses all the time too. But these are the things that no matter what, I will do them. Because they make me feel fabulous. Right? They are my non negotiable. So for me, you know, I can throw out a couple of my non negotiables. One is, I always start my day with lemon water. Because it just feels so good. And there's a lot of reasons by But bottom line is it feels so good. I always take my supplements, because they're foundational for my health. Right? I always, always end my day with my gratitude. And with a book. Because that's how I transition to sleep. That's what works for me, it's how I have discovered. And if I don't do that I don't sleep as well. So even my family knows my kids, right? If they see mom with her cup of tea in a book, you know, she's closing out the day, she's off limits for this, right? It becomes a non negotiable. So it doesn't matter what else is going on. Those are some of the things that I always do. And that really I encourage everybody to think for themselves. These are the things right going back to the beginning of our conversation, the client that you are talking to who discovered that this puppy showed up in one of her non negotiables went away. She's like, poof, be gone, right? So there needs to be that awareness that we have. What is so important for our body to just function at its foundational, best. Those are the things that we do every day. And then the other stuff, there's lots of other stuff, right? We want to have fun, we want to venture we want to be active, we want to, you know, laugh all the time. But those are the things that we get to work on and kind of bring in and out as life allows them but there's the foundational stuff that just really sticks. Yeah,

I love that non negotiables crazy amazing. And when you're aware of them, and you actually like write them down, then you'll realize you know when one has gone away because I think one of the things that could happen with this client is she just didn't realize that she wasn't doing it anymore. And it's been a year. It's one of those things it's really easy. You know, you replace meditation with a puppy. Of course like that's a no brainer. Cute little puppy you know, just Feeling wiggling around, they're gonna take you out, they're gonna take you out of your health care game. Except they're really good for oxytocin most of the time, you know, unless you're cleaning up pee, and then maybe not so much. But snuggling with them, you know, hugging them. Yes. And of course, petting your dog petting your cat. Yeah, so I'd love it, you know, you have to, you have to know what your non negotiables are. And do you guys work on that, and this, and this workshop as well.

So that usually comes later. Because again, I want the foundational work to kind of take place first. And then as you start to build in those habits, and as you start to kind of stack in those things, then you start to feel into because there is no sort of one size fits all right to your morning routine is going to look different from somebody else's, in your non negotiable in the morning is going to be different from somebody else's, even though maybe you do a lot of the same things, right. And so we don't know what those are for us until we start to build that foundational base. So this workshop really is like you were saying, just kind of that foundation piece, so that you can start to discover what your non negotiables are

so great. So so. So you're, you're really kind of discovering what your intentions are. So that you can set up a life that you really love, right and a and a being that you really feel at home in. That's fantastic. So yeah, feeling fabulous, of course, is always our end goal. And of course, we're gonna go in and out of that, but how can you stay there more of the time and and have in your life? Feel pretty darn fabulous? Yeah. Okay, so we'll post the link right here for for lighten your life? Can you tell us a little bit about the program? How many days is it? What does it look like?
So the program, this will be kind of the bulk of it is actually a workshop where we're gonna get together, we're gonna go over these concepts, there's going to be time for you in the workshop to work on these things, get feedback from the other ladies who are going to be there, right? So really, really powerful to do this work in community. Because not only does it encourage you to actually do it, instead of just hearing about it and thinking, Oh, that might be a nice thing to do sometime, right? It also provides wonderful ideas, right? When you get to hear about somebody else's experience and what is working for them, or what is not working for them or what they're thinking about. It sparks these ideas for you. And you might actually end up walking away with a different sort of outline than you might have thought coming into it. Or someone says something, you go, Oh my gosh, I hadn't even thought about that. But that's so true for me to write. So it's really powerful to do that in community. Leading up to the workshop, we actually are going to have little tips that come out every day little starting pieces that I'm going to encourage you to do. Sort of like what Robin was talking about today with this just for today. Start with an intention for your nourishment. When you walk into the kitchen to grab something to eat, what is your intention for that particular meal. So it's going to be things like that quick little 10 minutes daily, to work up to the workshop so that when you arrive at the workshop, you will be ready to take these concepts and actually really dive deeply into them.

Yeah, so that's going to start right away is going to actually start next week. So it's the daily light in your life pre event action steps to set you up for success for the program that begins on the 28th. Right? Yeah, so so it's really important that you sign up a s a p so that you can get that that pre event setup which is really important. And what are they what are these ladies going to walk away with at the end of the program.

And so, I like to think at the end of the program, you are going to walk away with the knowledge of how to release the unwanted physical, emotional and mental weight from your body and from your life. Right? We can't do it all in one day, but you will know how to do it. You will know what are the steps that you need to take in order to make that successful, right. Again, you're also going to walk away with your personalized plan. Something that is not cookie cutter it's not made for anybody else but it is a your plan to be able to set up your life so that your health can be vibrant. And and this is quite possibly my favorite. But the ability to actually make your health journey fun because anybody who has ever been around me for any period of time knows that I believe that life should be fun, even, even when it's hard, it is still okay for us to draw on moments of fun, to be able to inspire ourselves to be able to keep moving forward and to just fill ourselves up. Right. So one of the things that you walk away with from this workshop is how do you make your health journey fun, this should not feel like a chore. This should feel accessible to you. It should feel straightforward, right? It's not always easy. Sometimes we have to do hard things. But it's accessible. And it can be fun.

So we have to make life fun. Like that is a foundational value for me, is fun. I'm very, I'm very, I've been taught very intense. Robins very intense, and very intense. But I didn't really feel that way inside. I mean, I feel very passionate, but but fun. It has to be fun. Because that's how we're gonna do it. Right. That's how it's sustainable. So I love that you said that because it's got to be fun. So I'd love for you to post right here. If this is something that looks really great for you that you would love to set this foundation for yourself and say yes, I'm in for sure. Because it's like I would if I were picking and choosing programs, I would say yes to this before, I would say yes to anything else. Because it's so foundational. And because I know Keo she's an amazing and amazing mentor, teacher guide, you're gonna get so much out of it, you're gonna have a little bit of a little bit of a game plan, you know, going forward for how to utilize some of this knowledge you have that, that you've not been successful with so far. You know, so I think it's so great. Anything else that you would like to share before we end today?

You know, I just want to say, I mean, it's such a pleasure to be here talking to all of you ladies, right? Being with Robin, I love this community. It is such an amazing community like Robin thing for it's like, there's so much knowledge here, you guys have worked so hard, you've worked so hard on your health journey, I just want you to give yourself this gift. So you can make it a little bit more simple. You can you can stop pushing quite so hard. And actually give yourself the gift of just lightening it all up. Right? Bringing it up, just releasing some of that off of your shoulders. Because you are not at fault for why you are in the health that you are in right now. Right? It's not your fault. It has nothing wrong with you, it is nothing wrong with how you've been doing it. It's nothing, nothing. I just need a little foundational support. Right, a little bit more of a clear direction as to where you need to go. And you'll be flying.
So we find Yeah, you'll be really light. I don't know as you're talking and I'm thinking about the program thinking about like a really beautiful like notebook, you know, really beautiful notebook to get for yourself to bring to the program especially like the pre pre event like tips to get started. I don't know just, you know, really making this a beautiful adventure with Kia. Well, thank you so much for being with us here today. Let's get Kia, lots of love so many hearts. Really great. We're so grateful for you for bringing so much fun and so much love and so much lightness to the world so that we just enjoy our lives so much more thoroughly. Thought about. Yeah, that's all right, big kisses for you. Thank you so much and because it's for all of you, and so great to be here with you today. And we'll see you next week. All right, bye everyone.

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