Balance Your Hormones by Removing Toxicity

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Laura used birth control for 30 years to balance her hormones. After stopping, she experienced symptoms of hormone imbalance, including hair loss, bloating, low self esteem, and depression. After the birth of her second child, Chelsea was 65 lbs overweight and experienced postpartum depression, skin issues, and shame about her body.

Laura and Chelsea were sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, but focusing on diet was not enough. In this video, they share how addressing toxicity in your life can be the first step toward transformation. Learn how toxicity can often be a root cause of hormone imbalance, and how taking the first step to remove it can inspire you to keep going.

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Hello Beauties Welcome to hormone breakthrough Wednesday with Robin Nielsen I'm so glad you're here let's just arrive for a moment getting into our bodies a little bit though nice enjoy this music

as you're arriving please share where you're joining in from

don't forget

good easy moves in the middle of a crash

does she mean to me

beauty queen

Welcome to hormone breakthrough Wednesday it's so great to be here with you. I just really start getting into my body by the time I turn it off. Oh, so nice. That's my gorgeous son Duncan Nielsen goes by Don cat do NCAA T on all the you know stations where you find music and I love playing his songs because they're so beautiful. So welcome to hormone breakthrough Wednesday. I'm so glad to be here with you. Ah, it's so great. What a gift what a gift that we can be together. So special and robins Herman recite is coming right up, it starts unmade. Second, don't be left out. Like this is a time that we get together really support each other to reach our health goals. And this is no, this is no small thing right now. No small thing. So the world is opening back up, right? And really all we want to do is get out. We want to escape. We want to go places, for sure. And one of my colleagues said we want to fly the coop off. But along with that, you know, comes some real anxiety, some real social anxiety, some real potentially embarrassments. We've been hiding behind mass for you know, two and a half years almost. And a solid two years, I guess. Yeah, solid two years. And, you know, I went to my, my hairdresser a couple months ago, and she was still wearing a mask. And I said to her Do I need to be wearing a mask today? Because the you know, mask mandate had been lifted where I am. And she said, Oh no, I'm just wearing this so I don't have to put makeup on. And I thought wow, you know, okay, right, I get that, you know, and I was talking to a friend and she said, yeah, she said, I loved wearing the mask and sunglasses and a hat. So I didn't have to talk to anybody. When I go to the grocery store. You know, we really like you know, kind of went inside we started really protecting ourselves and, and not, you know, not been out in the world so much. And it's been a long haul. Like who would agree with that. It's been a long haul with this sheltering in place. And, you know, now that you know we can we can get around more the, you know, mandates on the masks have been lifted for flights now airplane flights. And so things are really changing. But in the meantime, you know, we've probably gained weight, right? We haven't had to get dressed up for anyone, we could actually stay in our pajamas or in our sweats all day long. And, you know now, now the idea of having to show up, you know and see people in person, maybe give hugs, right? Getting ourselves out there, maybe going back to the office, like things are changing in a really big way. And there's a lot of anxiety around that. And you know, you can call it social anxiety if you want, but just social, you know, this anxiety in general about, you know, how you walk and, and what you feel like in your body and how to interact with people, do I hug? Do I not hug? You know, do I do the shoulder thing? Or do the fist pump? You know, what, what do I do right now. And anything is a really, you know, great time to say yes to yourself, to focus on yourself now, because the world is, you know, we're out there again, you know, and we've, we've lost, you know, it's kind of a double edged sword, we've lost the sort of privilege of worrying about only us, you know, in our safe space in our home. And, and now life is back in session. And, and, and stress is going to be if it's not already at a whole an all time high. Getting back out there getting back into the crazy, busy schedule that, you know, we used to be in and, you know, hopefully, you know, the sheltering in place has allowed you to make some profound life choices and decisions that maybe you wouldn't have made otherwise, on behalf of yourself. Because when we say yes to ourselves, our genes automatically start expressing themselves for the better, which is incredible, for health, and healing. And in the reset, I'm going to tie this all together for you, you know, how you can be more stress resilient, how you can just pull that anxiety right back in, I can rein it in, which is what we need to do how you can love on your body, again, no matter where it is, no matter where it is, are you feeling that? Yeah, just loving on yourself, on your body getting reconnected to what's important to you. Yeah, to really understanding what you want for yourself, and how when your hormones are balanced, you get all of it isn't that great? When your hormones are balanced, your anxiety goes away, you can tolerate weird stuff that goes on, right? Like you're you're you're so much more stress resilient, the little things don't bother you anymore. Your body composition comes back into alignment with where it really needs to be your metabolism gets a really nice boost. Like all these incredible things happen. When when you join the reset, and you show up and you take action. And I invite you to say yes to yourself now, because it's a really powerful time, you know, right before summer, to really give yourself the opportunity to do some profound healing. You have to get kind of the underlying root causes to understand what's going on to get the steps and to get the support. It's really amazing. So I hope you'll say yes, and so many ladies have done the reset in the past and they've been posting about it. And we actually got one another post today. I mean, the winds are incredible. And let me see if I can just find that for us because I forgot to save it but Don wrote in I'm simply amazed at the progress in numbers alone in assessment. So every day of the reset, we do a hormone assessment. So we are assessing six different hormones, progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, insulin, cortisol and the thyroid. And when I say thyroid is the thyroid hormones, she says my moods have improved sleep has improved eating from the food list and following the tips from the reset I released 16 pounds that's a great start I have a ways to go and I'm looking forward to renewing my focus for continued progress to a healthier me so thanks Dawn so much for posting that. And and I think it's so important to you know, and we have two ladies on today who are going to share their story about the reset and and I can't wait to have them on so Chelsea is coming on and Laura is coming on today. So I just wanted to share a little bit about you know, life being back in session and how how are you doing in that, you know, how is that working for you? Do you feel like you need a little support or do you feel like you know, you're really ready to get back at it. That's kind of the question you want to ask. So with I'd love for you to post right here whether you're on with me on Zoom. Post where where you're joining in from. And then also, if you're on Facebook now or you're listening to the replay, post where you're joining them from, it's really fun for us to connect that way really fun. And then I also would love for you to post your top three health goals for this reset. So post your top three health goals for this reset. So they're very short, right? If we wait, energy moods, just something really short and succinct, like what is it that you really want to see? Balanced? Right? What is it you really want to see balances reset? Maybe it's painfree? What are some other things? Yeah, you could even say happy, you know, that would be under balanced moods, but happy feels really good. So what are your top three health goals for this reset? And if you've already joined, give us a thumbs up or as they have joined. I'm already in. That'd be great. So Christie says zooming in from Gillespie, Illinois to support my dear friend Chelsea. All it's so awesome. Looking forward to the reset top three goals that stick with it. All right, that's that's.

So you got to pick a different one and balance out my moods and release weight. Love those, but stick with it. So that sounds like have some willpower. But unfortunately, willpower is a finite resource. And it's also not a health goal. Right. So. So Christy, thank you so much for putting yourself out there, but just pick a health goal. If you were sticking with it, what is it that you will see like what is one of the outcomes that you will see? And yeah, so great. Thank you for sharing that. And Carol says hello. All right. So we also have the help a girlfriend contest, the formerly bring a friend contest down the help a girlfriend contest. And I just want to give you the leaderboard right now. Drumroll please. We have incredible prizes. In first place is Laura Solomon. Oh my gosh. She's in the Helio hormones program and you're gonna hear from her during the reset. Really amazing woman. Second place is grace, Shiraz. shirazian. Amazing. Congratulations, Grace. Third place tied for third and fourth are Patricia poletto. And Gabrielle Aggron. So I guess they're tied for third. So get in the Help a girlfriend contest. Right now the prizes are incredible. And it allows us to go together, right? When we go together. Big Amazing things happen. It's really incredible. So yeah, so we want we want to do this together with the women in our lives, who we love and who are really ready to take action with their health. I'm sure that they've seen you, right, they seen you really see some incredible changes, and they want to know how you did it. So share it with them. Because the referrals are the way that we can reach more women. And when we women heal and feel so much better, that spreads to our families or communities and to the world. And it is really impactful. And we have served over 8000 ladies in this reset. Can you believe that over the last two years? Amazing. We started the first reset two years ago today, not today, but two years ago in May. And it was birthed out of sheltering in place. It was the way that I felt I could give back. And it truly is right almost free. So we designed it for every single woman who is ready to take charge of her health. So let's do it. All right. I want to have on let me see here. Yeah, I would love to have on Laura. And let's see oh Kimmy from Florida said her top three goals body recomp. So maybe her body composition. release fat. better sleep. Yes. Carol says I'm here in Santa Cruz. I want my sparkle back. Oh, I love that. Yeah, our sparkle. Did you know that comes from our kidneys. Our eye sparkle comes from our kidneys and our kidneys get a lot of support in the reset. Yes. So great. Okay, so I'm going to promote Laura to panelists if I can figure out how to do this. And she's going to come on and Tell us a little bit about her about her journey. Yeah, so So Laura, I'm not sure where she's joining in from, but she'll, she'll share that with us.

Hi, all right, Laura. So great to have you on today. So while she's finding her video
oh, here we go find it. There I am.

There you are so wonderful to see you. Oh my gosh, oh, your name is so familiar to me. I've seen oh my god, but I've never

met you. Hello, hello. And it's kind of dark. So it's it's raining here. So I apologize. So I'm trying to get some light on here. So hello, Robin. Oh, just to be here makes my heart smile. Thank you for Oh,

it's so wonderful to have you so wonderful. Yeah, you've been doing some really good work. And it's really great to have you share that because, you know, we don't feel like it's possible for us. You know, and and when, you know, when guests come on, like you who can share their journey, then we can start to believe, you know, and I always say if you you know, if you don't believe it for yourself, yet you just hang on to our belief it can it can happen for you. Because it told me. Yeah. Laura, which reset? Did you start in?

I started January 2021. And that was the one you had the 14 days, 15 days I think it was. So that was incredible, because that was just amazing. And I couldn't even believe how I was just exactly what what you said was just I was sick and tired of being tired. And I was miserable, completely miserable. And I did that reset. And I can tell you I played full out like you said, my big rings, I have my tear whenever I have a bad day. I still just that was something that your program wasn't just about healing my hormones. It was about feeding my soul, and my heart. And I realized that you weren't just telling us to get toxic food or products, it was getting toxicity out of every aspect of our life. And so I feel like it changed my life completely in so many ways. But I was going to doctors, I was on my birth control pills for 30 years since I was 18. That's so common. It's so common. Yes. And then I went off and I completely hair Fallout bloatedness I couldn't even get out of bed. And if you knew me, you know how my personality is. And anyone can vouch for this. Who knows me. I was that girl who people didn't even like going on vacation with me because I would get out of bed and be like Good morning. Let's go. Let's go for a run. Let's do this. You know, and then all of a sudden, it was just like, my face was bloated. My body was bloated. I was so not myself, I hated myself. And I had nothing left to give. I literally had nothing to get. So I found your program. And it was just the perfect time. And I just have to tell you that your story resonated with me. And it was just like your love for the program for us. You were going through the hardest thing and that reset. I believe you lost your your dad or your mom, or right within right within that. And you you came on and you were just like we can do hard things. And I have to tell you, there are so many things that you have said that when I'm having one of those really bad days. I'm like, I can do this because dammit Robin told me we can do hard things and I'm driving and talking to myself going this breeze that like you've changed my life like I went paddleboarding. I'm like,

I saw that.

And I was just like, you don't I mean, like I just learned how to love life again. And it's it's a process, you know, and being a health coach and a fitness person and watching my body change and you're in front of people. It just took everything out of me and I was depressed and I was sad and I wasn't myself. And so and it's still hard. There's you know, like we fall up and down. Like we say we go down we go up, but it's the female orgasm, right? Like yes, yes, exactly. Exactly. You know, and even that came back so hey, you know,

so, you know, so it's just

you taught you teach and like you give us these pearls it's not and you're so real. You know you you you share with us from the heart and your team is amazing. thing and I don't know, I just can't say enough about this reset because it, it brought me into mindfulness. And now I do yoga and I do things I could never do. And you know, and right now I'm kind of hitting a low again. So I'm trying to figure out and I'm going, Okay, what's wrong? Am I not eating? Right? My am and pm routine is a little off because there's some things going on. But I don't know, you've just brought so much joy and love and hope into my heart. And all of you ladies, it's like home. When I see you guys, it's like home. So I can't thank you enough.

Yeah. Oh, gosh, thank you so much for sharing all that. And you know, I didn't I didn't ever think of the reset that way and getting toxicity out of your life in a lot of areas. Probably because it's not a very sexy concept or topic. But But we, you know, we sort of take it in small bite sized pieces where, you know, we're adding in things that are really supportive while we're letting go of things that aren't right. And I think that that's really the key is kind of figuring out what works for you. So let's get down to some nuts and bolts here. You Where do you live?

I'm in Indiana, Crown Point, Indiana. Oh,

you're in Indiana. So cool. And you went so so we, if you add up all of your hormone assessment scores from each day and Robin's hormone reset, you get a total. And it looks like your total was 84. When he first started the

reset. He was 84. Yes. So that

is 84 symptoms of feeling like crap, right? Like every single point is the symptom of not feeling well. Yes. Yeah. So there's 84 That's a lot. And, and, and you went all the way down to 17?

I did. I did. I know. And it and it was so crazy. Because when, and I would keep taking them. And I always take take your resets, as you know, each one comes up because there's always something new that that I learned or just you know, different speakers, and then you always take something back. So when I kept reading this, and I'm like, Oh my gosh, like I'm not waking up and having these terrible hot flashes. I'm not waking up. And I'm sleeping throughout the night and your supplements like the magnesium that changed my life that you know, and it was just, I don't know, it was just so many things that that you shared and just being so real, I think because it makes us all realize that we just all need to come together as women and say, This is not normal. And you will you listened and I felt heard and seen. And I hadn't felt like that from any doctor and I had a Guinee say, you know, Laura, you're you um, have a little middle middle age spread. But you know what? be lucky. You're not six foot under. And I left there bawling?

Oh my goodness. Are you serious?

balling. And I'm like, I don't feel good. You know, I have no energy, my hair's falling out, look at my skin. And she's like, you know, Laura, she's like, that's just part of aging. And I'm like, oh, it's not go. It's not it wasn't normal. It wasn't normal for me. And I sent my before and after pictures, and you saw how bloated and puffiness and it was awful.
Let me bring this up that so you had an awareness that many don't? Have you had an awareness that it was common but not normal? Or is that it didn't have to be like that. Like, that's pretty awesome. So I'm really impressed by that. First of all, because a lot of women don't know that. Now, we're streaming into the sisterhood group. So the women in this group, most of them are looking for a natural solution. So just you telling them that it doesn't have to be this way is incredible.

And it's so true. And it's an you guys I literally am I was allergic to air, like air and food and dogs and I always had a dog, my body completely shut down. And I was going through a lot of emotional unrest with some situations in my life. But I also knew that something was wrong. You know, and these doctors kept saying to me, and the one doctor said to me, you know, Laura, if you keep saying something's wrong, something's gonna be wrong. And I'm like, What's it gonna take for you to realize there's something wrong with me? You know, and and yes, and I did have to make a lot of changes like emotionally like with mindfulness and stuff, but it was also there was so much that I couldn't even tell you but everything you teach us is everything that we need to do and even if you do one little thing, it makes a huge difference like for me getting to bed at 930 and I have Intel my hot sexy lover like you tell us to say, right and you know, he wants to spend the whole night like, just watching television and I'm like, Babe, I gotta go to bed. You know what Robin says? No, you know that this is gonna benefit me. And it does, like, I take my magnesium. I go to bed, I do my, my, my yoga now and I'm like, Ah, and I wake up happy. I you know, so it's these little changes that you've that you've taught me that I'm like, you know, and I'm a coach, I should know this. Right? But, but you know, we don't

get to shit on ourselves. No, we're shooting on yourself. But right, right, right. But we can't know everything. Right. And that I mean, right? Of course, we need someone to care for us too. And I think that's a really important concept. You always need a coach, you always need a mentor if you want to stay on a healthy path, right? And, you know, for whatever you you know, you want to get better at in your life. You always want to have someone on your side who's looking out for you. For sure. Well, Laura,

let me share this picture. Okay,

have you that you shared with us? And so tell us a little bit about like, you took the picture on the left when you weren't feeling so well.

I was actually on bio identical hormonal therapy. And for some reason, I looked worse. I looked older. I had no like, you can tell how bloated My eyes were like droopy. I had just I looked like I had no light in my in my eyes, to be honest with you. There was no happiness there. Yeah, no sparkle. Yeah, there was no sparkle. So that one person who just said the sparkle that's exactly what I was looking for. You know what I mean? And and you said so many things throughout the reset that resonated to me as well. Because you were like, I'm I was a people pleaser. I did so much. And I never stopped and I was this Yes, yes. Yes. person. And now it's funny. I say, is it a hell? Yes, Laura, or is it a hell no. And do you know that my guy says that when I go to make a decision? He goes, would Robin say, Is this a hell? Yes. Or hell? No. And I'm like, Yeah, you're right, babe, you're right. And then I'm like, and that's exactly what I do. So there were those little pearls you gave me that? I'm like, No, you know what, I have to start taking care of myself, like a best friend. And I also needed people with my same challenges, where I felt like I could walk into this community and feel a big hug at whatever time I needed.

Yeah. And feel like you were, you were with like minded women who got you what's going on for you. And, and what's so nice is that there are women, you know, supporting you who are there or who are more there, right. And then there are women who you are supporting who, you know, need your wisdom and knowledge to come up. We can't do it alone, we have to have sort of all of the levels to support each other. But it really makes a difference. And oh my gosh, your photo on the right, you just have such a sparkle such as sparkle.

Yeah, I'm so much more happier, let me tell you

something that's really important. And we'll touch on this and the reset too. But But the bottom line is, it's, it's, it's with all hormones, you cannot just take hormone replacement therapy, if you are not addressing the root causes of what's going on. Of course you can, but you just will feel better, right? You're like you won't see the results that you're expecting. If you just you're not even Well, I guess if you're if you feel like you're replacing hormones, because a lot of times our body is able to make the hormones. It's just that it can't. And I explain why in the reset. point. So, so you were tired all the time. When you said yes to the reset. You had no energy, no desire to get up and do anything. You were bloated, a terrible allergies to foods and environmental allergies. You just Yeah. And so did you find the reset through an ad or a friend?

I was on Facebook, and for some reason it came up and I can be honest with you, that was probably the hardest time of my life and it was COVID was going on. And I was just at that point after those doctor's appointments that I was just praying, you know, please guide me because I can't live like this. Because I can't live like this, like this is this is not normal, you know, and it was like and then all of a sudden I saw the ad and I was like, you know, and I believe in science. I'm that person, like very intuitive and I believe in science. And so I'm like, I don't know there's something and then as soon as I watched her story, I'm like, this is it and it was just I felt so much in like my heart where I could resonate with your story and like when like you said, I've had enough and you were driving, and you're like, I'm done. I'm tired of feeling like this. And so you just get angry, you know, and you just have to say, I have to take care of my self and take charge in my life, because no one else is going to do it. You know what I mean? And it's, and it was just, and I couldn't say enough about the program. I could talk for probably three hours on your program, just because I just love I love you. I love the ladies, I love the community. I love everything about it. And I learned so much all the time. And it was funny because I was so allergic to everything that I couldn't even take a supplement. And it's like, if I could even turn this right now. So you could see how many I probably have 30 bottles right here. Can

you catch it up to me?

Yeah, you know, and it's like, in some, I can take some I have to listen to my body, you know, some. And but I'm learning and I'm learning to listen more and to say, what do I need? What, what, what's good for me what's not, and it's just amazing.

That's so it's so amazing. Well, you showed up and you took action. And that's what it takes to heal. Yeah, yeah.
It's amazing. And I have my big ring on today.

Awesome. Well, we're gonna have

big ring day. So the big earrings, I still it's like,

earrings. Yeah, yeah, you got to show up for yourself, for sure. You do when you say something really important, you know, nobody's going to do this for you. And I think that that's, that's one of the reasons that I am so passionate about our health, and about the fact that we take charge of our health, because when you're sick, no one can help you. And I think, more now than ever, we understand that. Yes. If you went through COVID, if you had, if you've got COVID, you understand that no one can help you. Right? But you? Yes. So like, this is a really super good, impactful lesson, if we will, you know, listen to it and take action on it. That it's up to you. And when we don't feel well. Nobody can help us out, you know, no one can help us find our way out. You have to do it yourself. And, you know, how much of the time in your life do you want to spend taken out, you know,

like, just miserable, and then you also push people away? Because and then. And it's that that saying that you always hurt the ones you love the most is so true. Because the ones that are with you all the time, that's the ones that you feel that you can get. You're you're on edge and you're angry, and you just become this person that you're not and then you're like, oh my gosh, did I just say that? That's not even me, that's ugly. And then you go wait a minute, like, something's not right, something's wrong here. Something's internally going on. Ya know? So it's so true. Well, good for
you for really advocating for yourself. Really, really impressive. And what would you say to a woman who is thinking about joining the reset?

Honestly, it has to be how Yes, it's, it's, it's just, it will be if you feel like you are missing something, or no one's listened to you or you're looking for that thing. This isn't even and this is no quick fix, you're going to have to work at it. But you are going to have so much support, and you so much love and just so much of a community that you can come home to like I feel like that. Like it's it's something that will change your life. i And I promise you that. And Robin is the real deal. She's so real. And all of the people on her team are amazing. So if you have any questions, they're going to answer them and they're going to be there. We're all going to be there for you. So do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. You won't regret

and full disclosure, you join the natural hormone Solution Program. Yeah, yes. Yes, I did. Yeah. So So Laura has kept it going in that beautiful community, too. Yeah. So thank you so much for being on with us today. Because these stories are so helpful, like and you've really, you've really just completely turned your life around.

Yes. And thank you because you have changed my life and this whole community and ladies your team has to so thank you.
Oh, you're so welcome. Let's give Laura lots of love as we do

that love back. Oh, love and light.

All right, and we will see you in the reset. Yes, yes. Bye.

I'll see if I can. Yep, perfect. All right. So isn't that incredible? Laura is amazing. Yeah, me Make sure that you give her so much love. Yeah, what a beautiful soul. And just you know, I mean how, how generous that she shared a photo right before and after photo, how generous of her. And it's really, I think it's very healing when we tell her stories. I know it was so hard for me to tell my health story. When I first started telling it, I would get really teary eyed and I felt so sorry for myself. It's hard to tell your whole story. But once you start telling it, it becomes a story, you know, and, and it has a happy ending. So it's a really great way. I think it's very therapeutic. It's very therapeutic. All right, we have another gorgeous guest on today. Chelsea Allen. She's incredible. And I can't wait to share her with you. Yeah, let's see. Chelsea has been on with us before and Chelsea is a See, I want to say that she is actually a cheerleader in the reset. And Chelsea, you can correct me if I'm wrong on that. But I think that you've helped us out a number of times. And yeah, she has an incredible story as well. And she does have a before and after picture, too. I don't think I have it here. But it's really incredible. Let me see if I can find it while she is joining us. Hi, Chelsea. Well, so great to see you. Great to see you too. How

are you?

I'm good. I'm just seeing if I can if I can find your before and after picture. But I don't think I have it handy anywhere. It's such a great such a beautiful photo that you took. Oh my gosh. And are you're a cheerleader in the reset, right?

I'm not sure about the time. I don't know. I

don't think I've Okay. Well, we ought to have you as a cheerleader. I know that you have been in the past. And I know that you're super busy. But yeah, she's a huge advocate of the reset. And you look so beautiful. Oh my gosh. Yeah, you are? Have you ever been a model? No. Well, you want to consider shoot, the photos that she posted. She was wearing a gorgeous like son had just so pretty. So Chelsea, where are you joining in from?

I'm from Gillespie, Illinois. Like my friend Christie who? Who joined?

Right. Yeah, she's so great. So you you did the reset quite a while ago? Did you do one of the first resets?

I think it was the very first one.

So two years ago, you did, you did the very first reset and and you don't remember what your score what your complete hormone assessment score was, but it was somewhere in the 80s to 90s. Mm hmm. Yeah. And as we were talking about, you know, you don't really have any frame of reference, if you haven't done the reset yet. But you know, each point so you know, at the at symptoms of hormone imbalance, right. And they can be a big thing, like your hair is falling out, or your mind, you know, is racing or you're you're racing from one task to the next or you're really tired, or, you know, your skin is super dry, or your hair feels like straw or, you know, I mean, I just the list is endless. So, so they're not small things, right. So when you have 80 to 90 symptoms of hormone imbalance, that's a really big deal.

Trying to trying to come in here.

Are they gonna photo? No. So, so how did you find that reset? Was it through a Facebook ad? as well? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And what were some of the, like, the big things that you are experiencing that just said, Yes, I have to do this.
So I was like, 65 pounds overweight, and let me to baby, I was, um, my skin was a mess, my hair would just fall out and like chunks. Every single day, I would take a shower, and I would just be like, just tons of hair every single day. And like you said, was like straw like and stringy. I had some probably undiagnosed postpartum depression. And my son was three years old. And it was so it was it had been going on for some some years. Um, you know, I was just in a really bad place. I lost myself completely. I was like, ashamed to even like, go out in public and see people that I know, like, I saw some at the store that I knew I'd run the other direction if I wouldn't have to, like see them. You know, I'm just completely ashamed to be in my body. And I just felt really, really terrible about myself. And so, yeah,

yeah, that's what we were just talking about, you know, like we're back in that place where, you know, life is back in session. All right, we need to get out again, some of us have to go back to the office, you know, we're not wearing masks anymore. So we can't hide, you know, so much. And so yeah, like, I think it's really increasing our anxiety, you know, it was really easy to gain weight, when, you know, we were sheltering in place so much. And, you know, there was a lot of stress then to just so much unknown and and so much access to the refrigerator. I think the refrigerator was full of things that really didn't serve us, but they were comfort foods that helped us feel better. So you had a lot a lot going on. And, and you saw the ad for the reset, and you didn't know me, but you decided that it was something you wanted to try? Yeah,

absolutely. I figured I, I had nothing to lose. And I tried a lot of things. I just like, my weight wouldn't budge if I if I tried to, you know, lose weight, I would just end up gaining, I could bloat you know, 10 pounds in five minutes. If I you know, ate a pizza, you know, or something like that. Just really, you know, my and I also had very heavy painful periods. You know, terrible anxiety, lack of energy, energy and motivation. So, yeah.

And you had so do you have three kids? I have two kids. Okay. And and when you joined the reset your youngest was three. Yeah. And how old was your oldest?

Um, he was seven was seven.

Okay. And now they're five, and nine. Wow. That's amazing. Okay, so So, so give us some of the things that happened for you. So you were someone who really like showed up for the program you showed up, and you took action, you really took it seriously, which I'm so proud of you for doing that. Because it's so easy to sign up for something, especially something that's inexpensive, right? It's really easy to ship to not show up, right, sign up, but not show up. But you showed up even though you were really tired, which can be very hard to do, right? Because you don't have any motivation. But you were really like, motivated to figure this out? It sounds like, yeah, so you showed up, and you took action and give us like the highlights. So this took days, weeks, months, what has been the outcome.

So I have been able to release and keep off 50 pounds, which was a major, major goal for me, my periods now are typically you know, a breeze every month. So that's been nice, I hear doesn't fall out at all anymore. As you can see, it's very long. And you know, it's like healthier than it ever has been. Um, let's see, my skin has cleared up. My anxiety has decreased, my moods are better. And I have, you know, lots of more energy and motivation to keep up with these kids and, and do life, you know. And I also wanted to say, whenever Laura was on, it was interesting, she brought up like the toxicity in your life. And I had been in a pretty abusive relationship for like, a decade, which was part I'm sure of, you know, a lot of my health problems, as you know, didn't help my hormones. And so I'm happy to say that I have been able, and through the course of these two years, you know, not only balance my hormones, and have all these great things happen. But I've also found the courage to leave that toxic situation and stay out of it. And so like, I feel like my whole life has changed for the better, since you know, like the reset opened the door to like some major transformations in my life. And it's just incredible. So and like forever grateful to have found it. That is

so amazing. You start to see what's taking you out, and you fix it. Right? It's not Yeah, it's not like that's one of the underlying root causes is a toxic relationship. And, you know, for those health care practitioners out there, unless you fix those really like crazy stressors in someone's life, they can never be Well, long term. Right? So you took a stand for yourself, because what I'm guessing went on in your mind is like, I am not letting anything get in the way of me feeling well.

Yeah, yeah. It's been it's been just incredible. Like, my whole life from, you know, now to two years ago, almost is just completely different. And I just, I can't say enough about the reset. And, you know, I had basically no self care back then. And now, you know, I've learned that I have to, you know, take care For me, or I can't take care of my children or my house, you know, or my friends and family. So you just have to choose you.

Yeah. And life is not fun, right? Like, if you don't, if you don't learn how to take care of yourself, you just never are enjoying life, you can never be present, I could never be present, you know, for what what's going on right now is just Oh, my goodness, you know, I just didn't feel well. And I'm sure that that's the case. For a lot of us if we don't feel well, we can't be present for what's going on right now. Well, really, really, so inspiring. So Chelsea, what would you say to a woman who is thinking about the reset, but just as ensure,

um, I would just say, you know, choose you and you are worth it, and you won't regret it? And it will change your life?
Yeah, and, you know, we say these things so lightly, but it's a big, big, big deal, right? Yeah, oh, my God.

So simple to, you know, like, the steps that you give, it's not like, overwhelming or like, oh, my gosh, I can't do this very sustainable. And like, I've, you know, kept it up for two years. And, and, you know, even like, in the beginning, I didn't follow every single thing in the beginning, you know, but I still notice changes, like, almost immediately. And so that gives you the motivation to, like, you know, add more steps in and then your whole life, it's just, you know,
yeah, that's a good point. As soon as you start feeling better, you get really inspired to keep it going, right. And then you're able to take that next step. And that next step, and those are the things that we learned in the very beginning of the program. And that's something that I wanted to mention too, is if there's any way make sure that you park off the VIP all access pass, because you'll get a lot of extra support in some of these areas, we have set yourself up for success class the day before the reset starts. And, you know, once you start seeing a little bit of improvement, then you want to do more and more and more. So it kind of builds on itself. And Chelsea, you've said this, I think Laura said this to just these small things, equal pay results. And that's one of the little sayings we have in the program. And so true.

But baby steps do add up for sure. The baby's

death. Well, let's give Chelsea lots of love. So much love his beautiful woman. And yeah, maybe give give her just like one one word of acknowledgement. And we can do that for Laura too, for, you know, showing up here being brave enough to show up, share their story. Yeah, just open up to us. So that you know, they help to show us the way right, so maybe one word of acknowledgement on the beautiful woman that you see in Chelsea. Well, thank you so much. All right, big kisses for you. Hi, love to your family for sharing you with us today. Thank you. Hi, Chelsea. Gosh, absolutely beautiful home. So beautiful. Oh my gosh. So let's see if I can change that. So yeah, there it goes. Alright, so there you have it to like really inspiring stories of, you know, ladies who have done the reset, and, you know, really came at it from a, you know, kind of a place of desperation, which is kind of where we have to be sometimes you know, I have nothing to lose. And that's an okay reason to join for sure. But you know, the main reason that you want to join is because you really want to take charge of your health, right, you're tired of giving your power away. And some of the stories that we've heard over the past few weeks have been, you know, pretty incredible on how you know, the solution is not out there somewhere. Right? It's right here. It's right here. Alright, so be sure that you grab the VIP all access pass, if you can check your email for the link for that. If you've done the reset before, this is a great opportunity to be part of the VIP group so that I can give you a little bit more attention. Yeah, we actually have two separate classes that are pretty powerful. So look forward to supporting you with that and to say yes, say yes to yourself. All right, sending you so much love