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Even when we know something is wrong, visits to the doctor can leave us feeling misunderstood. In fact, many women go for years not feeling heard, when all we need is the right support. In this video, Robin talks with Tammy about her struggles with hormone balance and the importance of community for healing. Tammy shares how the Hormone Reset Program helped her overcome symptoms like fatigue, acne, and hirsutism, and how by fitting the pieces together, she learned to be whole.

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All right. Welcome to hormone breakthrough Wednesday. I'm so excited to be here with you today. I love hormone breakthrough Wednesday. Hey, this is Robin Nielsen. And this is the natural solution for hormone balanced sisterhood. Isn't it amazing? Yes. Oh my gosh, the collective in here is absolutely incredible. So many beautiful women so much support. You know, one of the things that I love about this group is that we really give each other a lot of love, because we need it. Right we need, we need more if we're going to heal our bodies and our spirits and our souls, we need more love and support. So make sure that for every comment today that you give each woman maybe love up on three other women. And if you're joining in today, I love to hear from you. I read absolutely every single comment. So I'd love to hear from you, where you're from, what your challenges are. I'll be asking you some questions today. So I look forward to hearing your responses and and you know, we have the the 15 day hormone reset That's coming right up and starts on May 10. But don't delay to grab your seat. Because the price goes up every week. We're trying to incentivize you to say yes to yourself. So I'm really excited for that program to start. It's really powerful. And today I have a very special guest who I want to share with you. Her name is Tammy. And she I actually met her in January. And she was ready for some powerful change. And knew a little bit but couldn't quite put all the pieces together. And she joined the 15 day hormone reset last January. And I just want to share with you what's happened since then. Pretty incredible. So welcome, Tammy. It's so great to have you here.

Hi. Thank you so much.

Yeah, so great to have you here. So how did you so so tell us give us a little bit of health background. So before you joined the 15 day hormone reset in January. What was going on for you?

Oh, what was it I was tired all the time. Especially in the afternoon, I would have that 2pm crash. I had awful awful acne, dark patches all over my face. The hirsutism my menstrual cycle was every three weeks and I was just stuck. No matter what I was doing my weight was creeping up. And then at the very, very end, before I joined I was having heart palpitations and awful anxiety about things but never would have been a blip on my radar before and I just had no idea what's going on. And then I was scrolling through Facebook one night and I saw your post, you know, feel your hormones and and help your anxiety and I thought okay, we need to do something this isn't working anymore. So yeah.

Yeah, and you're, you're a busy mom, right? You've got a lot going on in your life and and you and I were talking And before before this, this hormone breakthrough Wednesday today and you would said that, that you knew a little bit like you had already been working on some of this yourself. So tell us a little bit about what you've been working on. And why did you think that you needed support extra support?

So I've known for years and years that I, or at least I assumed it was hormones that I had going on. And I talked to multiple doctors, and they're like, Yeah, probably. And that was it. And I just had no idea. And so I read some books, and I had gone back and forth, and I had done, I had done some, you know, changing up how I eat a little bit, and it helped, but I just, I got busy again, and I just didn't stick with it. And when I saw, you know, I read their comments, and I read through the questions on the site, and I just, I could tell that this was more than just do this, this and this, this was this was a it was coming alongside of me too. On the days that I didn't think I could do it. Or the days I didn't want to do it. You know, there was it was community, it wasn't just do this. And it's that community, I think that's really made all the difference.

Oh, I love that you mentioned that because because it's information, right? Like you're during the 15 days, I give you a lot of information. And some of it you may know and some may be new and some you may have never correlated, because we talk about everything as it has to do with balancing your hormones, and state, you know, feeling well or gets good feeling well, and what it looks like to take charge of your health. Because Because healing is not out there somewhere. Right? It's not somebody else. Telling us, you know, stuff, it's, it's what we do, how we take care of ourselves, that makes all the difference. So if you're listening today or you're watching the replay, you know, Tammy mentioned a number of symptoms that she was experiencing anxiety here, statism, weight gain acne, you are even experiencing some heart palpitations. I have down insomnia, some allergies, like chronic pain for years and years and years. Yeah, so a lot of things. So, you know, what are three, your three? Top three things that you would really like to resolve? Like, what are your top three things that you would really like to resolve?

Yeah, so.

So hold on just a second, Tammy, am I asking the audience to? Yeah, so just in the comments below, just write your top three things. So Tammy has shared hers. Now I want you to share yours. Because we're going to name it so we can change it. Right? Yes. And so So Tammy, what what feelings like were, were you experiencing day to day living with all of these symptoms,

it was really irritable. My patients was non existent, if not just very low. And I just, I kind of kept you know, I was up to two to three cups of coffee a day just to kind of keep how tired I was. eBay. And that ended up being a great big circle. Um, you know, I drink more coffee and get hired and drink my coffee and get tired. And so yeah, just the day to day just, you know, not a lot of energy to do the things that I needed to do. And not know, a lot of patience for the things that I needed to get done to so

yeah, and and I think that you know, as a mom, of course, you need a lot of energy, right? And we want to have a lot of energy because energy feels good. Right? It feels good. When we're tired. It doesn't feel good. Yeah, and, and stress resilience and you know, abilities, the ability to show up for yourself and as a mom and and just feel well, you know, and so so when you when you saw that ad, like what were a couple of things that said to you, I want to try this.
I don't know but I just felt like I needed to it just like I said I read the comments and I read the frequently asked questions and I just end the reviews and you know, and I thought okay, we're gonna try I mean, what's the worst is gonna happen if I'm gonna feel great, you know, so I decided right then and there to say yes.

I love that. I love that. So Tammy said yes to herself. Right and it was a really it was a Take a leap of faith because she didn't know me. Right now, like all you ladies in here, right? Tammy didn't know me and, and she said yes anyway. And it's kind of like what do you have to lose? Right? Because sometimes me that's the way it was, for me, I was kind of at such a low point. It's like, what do I have to lose here? Let's do this, right? I'm kind of over feeling this way. So. So you started the 15 day hormone reset. And we've talked about the community a little bit, but it is a really powerful community of women who are very committed to taking charge of their health and making really positive changes. So if that's you if you're sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, and you're ready to take action, right, you have to show up and take action to see results. Then this program is for you. So Tammy, you showed up? Yeah. Every day. I did. Wow. That is so impressive. I did. So impressive. Okay, so So tell us tell us some of the changes that you noticed during the 15 days. So it's only 15 days, right? Only 15 days. So it's five days, three times these little segments, right. And it's every day because we have to take care of ourselves every single day. Believe me, I wanted to take the weekend off. Like Robin needs a break. But I'm like, well, we can't really do that with our health. So we're gonna show up every day for 15 days. And whether you you know, watch the live or watch the replay, you just need to show up. So tell us some of the things that you noticed after the 15 days.

Okay, yeah. And I even noticed it. I mean, in between, like, a weekend, my husband was commenting that I was happier, and, you know, not as irritable. And actually, he would ask me every day, you know, okay, what did you learn today, because I was just so energized about what I was learning. And that it was finally clicking something was finally making sense. I started sleeping better. I'm, you know, almost within a few days, at the end of the 14 days, I could tell the dark patches had light into ton, my acne had pretty much cleared up the facial growth, hair growth was a lot, a lot better. Let's see, oh, within the first three or four days any of the anxiety in the heart palpitations, I had felt or gone. Trying to see what else is on my list here and

so much in such a short period of time. Wow.

And my mother in law had commented right around the end of it that I looked like I was glowing that I just looked happier. And I felt it I just felt better than I had and I don't even know how

long. Yeah. And I know that you release them. Wait. So how much did you release just during those 15 days?
Oh, um, I don't know. I had during the

I don't know that. You did release any weight during the program. Did you?
I did a little bit but I don't know. Yeah.

And and Tammy has continued on doing all the things that she learned in the 15 day hormone reset. And you have released I think it's over 30 pounds now. And it was


We didn't finish the 15 day hormone reset until February 1. So March 1, April 1, were like two and a half months since the reset. And you've lost you've released I say released 34 pounds. Oh my god. That is incredible.

And I feel so so much better.

So much better. As incredible. That's incredible. And you're wearing different clothes. Yeah. Oh my gosh. Just just let's just take that in for a minute. Like that is such a big deal. And Tammy tell us where you dieting

No, no way. I haven't been hungry. i It's amazing. Like it's not you know, there's not this much on my plate. I can eat a full play. It's you know, I'm never hungry.

Yeah. And what I love is that we talked about getting healthy to lose weight. And so your body you know just by making those powerful changes your party got so much healthier. Now full disclosure here Tammy did end up joining my private program and and she is taking some powerful nutrients and she is really We supporting her body in a big way. But you can see that what she shared happened for her in just those 15 days, right? No more heart heart palpitations, no more anxiety. Your skin was looking better. Your acne almost completely cleared up. You were sleeping better, like so many things improved. That's incredible. Absolutely incredible. So is there anything, so let's just stop for a minute. So you can see all the things that improved for Tammy. So I'd like for you now, to post your top three health goals. Top three health goals and you don't want to use a negative in there. So it has to be something like release weight, better moods, instead of eliminate anxiety. We want to say better moods. More energy, right energy is a big one. So Tammy, did you notice a change in your energy over those 15 days?

Yes. As soon as practically as soon as I started sleeping better. It felt a little bit more energized. Yeah.

That's so great. So great. Okay, so what are your top three health goals? And then make sure that you give a heart a love to the other women who are posting here? Okay. Yeah, so we can encourage each other, you want a lot of encouragement. So what else? What else do you want to share? And then I'm going to ask you one final question is there because you've, you know, you've been, you've been suffering for a long time. And is there anything that you would like to say, Well, why don't we just do this? What would you say to a woman who is just not sure, like, if this is the right program for her?
I would say 100% Everyone belongs here. No matter what, you know, if there's any of these that, you know that you're even like, oh, well, maybe it is. So it is about so much more than that, you know, I mentioned the community. I also am going to mention confidence. I, I never thought I would have talked about you know, I would never sat on here and talk to you before but but just the community general whole and feeling better, and a whole and it really, it all makes a difference in your life. It makes a difference in your relationships. It's just this isn't just this isn't just a health program. This is a life program. And this is you know, I gained friendships I've it's just this is a life program. And every woman belongs here. And if you're on the fence, get off the fence and come on in. There's a seat for you. You're welcome. And we would love to have you here.

Nice. So nice.

Because Robin, you you know, you and your team like you guys, you you do you make us all feel welcome. And you make us feel heard. Because there's been a lot of us, I think, who haven't been hurt, even if we've been trying to for a really long time. And this, this is that place. You know, if it's not me, it's somebody else who has experienced what you're experiencing. And we're just, we're all here. We're all together. We're all in together. And that makes all the difference.

So I have to tell you that Tammy was nervous coming on today. But look how well spoken she is. Oh my goodness. She's so passionate about this. She's so believes because she is healed, right? She's you know, we're all in the healing process. But she's healed so many things. And And wouldn't you say Tammy, that it's possible for every woman?

Yes, absolutely. These aren't, you know, what you teach in the 15 days? They're they're not. I mean, they're, they're easy to, to achieve, because you outline them so easily. And you really show us how we can we can make those steps in our lives. So yeah, this is absolutely for everyone.

Yeah, so there are so many questions like, what is it exactly that you teach? Like, I get that question. I don't know, probably 20 times a day. And what would you tell someone that I teach?

You teach us how to be whole, our relationships, our bodies, our minds, our lives you you teach us how they all go together and how to make them work together for the benefit?

Yeah, yeah, they're, they're their practices, right? They're things that we can implement in our lives that have a big impact on our hormones. So everything I teach is, is really has to do with how it impacts your hormones and How to have a better impact on your hormones. And we take a complete hormone assessment before we start, and then we take it again at the end of the 15 days. So you can see the changes in all of your different hormones, your progesterone, your estrogen, your testosterone, your insulin, your cortisol, and your thyroid hormones. And many women who say thyroid is not a hormone, but it does produce hormones. So yeah, so great. Anything else that you want to share? Tammy?

Um, yes, just one last thing, even if you think you have none of, you know, none of the issues or anything, I think you should still come the information is amazing. And a big part of it for me, too, is it's not just learning for me, but learning for other people. And so, I think that everybody could benefit from this, because you might know somebody who could benefit from the information that you're learning here. And you could be a support to somebody here, too, you never know. And so I do, I just think it's for everybody.

So true. So true. And yeah, I think that I think that, you know, moms, sisters, friends, right? Because when we do it together, that we're all on the same page. And this is why I love helping women. In fact, I say a little blessing before these calls. Because when we women feel better, we spread that love and peace and support to everyone we touch. And that is my way of changing the world in a positive way. And now Tammy is doing it herself. Right. So not only has she helped herself, but she's totally improve the health and lives of her family. So it's pretty crazy how amazing that is. Yeah. So I invite you I know that my team is, is posting the link here for the 15 day hormone reset, I really encourage you to join. If it's a hell yes. And if you're ready to show up and take some action, because otherwise you're just wasting your time, right. So if you're ready to show up and take action and make some powerful change, and 2021 is the year is going to happen for you. Then sign up. And in the meantime, let's give Tammy so much love. Give her lots of big hearts, maybe some kisses and some hugs. She was so brave to be on with me today. So brave. Thank you so much Tammy for sharing your journey. It's really an incredible, incredible journey and congratulations on your changes. And I'm just so proud of you like you've done the work.

Well thank you for letting me talk about it. You're spot on when he said I'm passionate about is has changed my life and I want to shout it from the rooftops.

So great, so great. All right, so join the 15 day hormone reset. We're so excited to support you and Tammy. Let's give everyone a big kiss. All right, big kisses for you. So glad you were here today and I look forward to reading your three top health challenges and your three top health goals. All right. Bye everyone.