Stop pushing through: Fix anxiety by taking control of your hormones

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When life stretches us thin, it can be easy as women to beat ourselves up for not feeling more in control. Oftentimes we may think we’re fine, when we’re really just pushing through. When this happens, we may not realize we actually have symptoms of hormone imbalance.

After the birth of her fourth child, Christie experienced dramatic mood swings, anxiety, fatigue, and stubborn weight around her middle. She wasn’t feeling herself, and after trying counseling and considering hormone therapy, she found Robin’s Hormone Reset program. Christie shares her journey towards understanding her symptoms and how this led her to supporting and inspiring others. In her words, “It’s worth a shot: you have nothing to lose and you deserve to figure it out.”


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  • How do I know if a hormone reset is right for me?
  • How can I stay on track after resetting my hormones?


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All right welcome to hormone breakthrough Wednesday it's so great to be here with you. And you can join on zoom as well now all right let's just arrive for a moment here our body feels so good or themes
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so great to be here with you today. Welcome to hormone breakthrough Wednesday, it's like the best day of the week, the best day of the week. Say hello. If you're joining in live, or if you're watching the replay, just let us know where you're joining in from, it's always so lovely to connect with our sisters, no matter where we are in the world. So awesome. And we have a really special guest with us today, I can't wait to introduce her to you. Because like many of us, she's experienced so many symptoms of hormone imbalance. But like we were talking about before we got on today, she would have said she just was fine. Like she felt fine. And you know, we kind of we kind of muddle through, you know, with whatever, you know, whatever is going on, because we have to, you know, we have to push through the day but, but that's not what life is about, like we are here to show you that you can feel fabulous. That's why we're here. And we don't have to struggle or suffer. Life can actually be amazing, every minute of every day. And you can show up just as a beautiful, gorgeous woman who you were put on this planet to be. So I want to announce to that the I would say love because it used to be the 15th day but it's now Robin's hormone reset. Registration is open. Oh my gosh, we are so excited. And if you have never done it before, sign up now. So it's $20 off right now. So I want to make sure that you get in if it's something that you want to do. And if you've already participated in a reset, then you're already in just make sure that you're in our Facebook group, and go post your three health goals for the program in the group right now. Because that's what we're doing. And if you participated before, I want you just share one thing, like one thing that really rocked your world with the reset, like what's one thing that's made all the difference for you around the reset just one thing. Just post it right here in the comments. Because it's like so many of you have seen some incredible changes and it's really inspiring to see you know what some of those changes are but just your biggest thing, like it could be a mindset shift. It doesn't have to be a health symptom, but something that you got from the reset that's been really powerful in your life so far. All right, let's that's gonna post the link right here to join the reset now where you get $20 off, it's not for very long, so make sure that you join soon. And we also have a VIP upgrade. So we have the VIP all access pass. It's like a front row seat to the event where you get a little bit extra support. And I'd love to have you in that's where I can get to know you a little bit better. All right, well, I want to welcome our beautiful gret guest Christie Lambert and Christie. Christie actually did our reset two years ago. She did the very first one. Oh my gosh, that's unbelievable. Well, let's give Christy a big warm welcome. It's so great to have you here.

Oh, thank you. It's so great to be back and just hearing that song like just makes everything better.

Oh, yeah, it's so lovely. So it just helps to remind us what's important, you know, um, that that we do have the Goddess within and, and she's not this exotic, you know, exhausted, overweight, grumpy woman. She's this, you know, feeling fabulous. I can do anything woman.

For sure. Yeah.

So you, you participated in the very first hormone, reset. And Christie, share with us just a little bit about you, where you are right now in the world and about your family and kind of what's what's going on in your life?
Yeah, so I'm in Maryland, East Coast. And I'm a mom of four kids and their ages 14 down to just turned five. So they keep me very busy. We're involved in baseball now, for three of them. My youngest just turned five this week, and we had a big party. She's aren't my only girl. So I went all out. But um, yeah, I mean, it's just a busy life. And I realized, after my daughter was born five years ago that it was I'm a big introvert. And I just wasn't getting time for myself. And it all boiled down to I wasn't taking care of myself. And I had a lot to take care of I homeschooled and was taking care of a baby. And it just all came to a head.

Yeah, your your daughter was three was three.

Yes, she Yep, she had just turned three. And I had started, like, looking into things a year before that, and started making some changes emotionally had some counseling, you know, things like that. But something was still missing. And it was like the health portion. Yeah. And I

thought it was so interesting that you said, you know, if I asked you how you were, you know, you would have said, Oh, I'm fine.

I mean, you know, kind of that perfectionist slash Wonder Woman slash have to do at all and look like, I'm fine type of person. So yeah, you know, I've, I've learned over the last few years, you know, that it's okay to ask for help. And it's okay to keep searching until you get it, you know?

Go. Wow. So you had when when you started the reset in May 2020. You had 60 symptoms of hormone imbalance. So one of the things that we do in the reset is we actually take a hormone assessment. Now it's every day, we take a different hormone assessment every day. And if you combine them all together, it's called the complete hormone assessment. And that's what Christie took. Re before we started the reset in May 2020. And each each Yes. You know, like, what, you know, one of the questions is, I feel like I'm running from one task to the next all day long. And if you say yes to that, right, each Yes, is a symptom of hormone imbalance. You had 60 of them. Some ladies have over 100 Yeah, 100 symptoms, right? And we go over six hormones in the reset. So we go over estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, insulin, cortisol, and the thyroid hormones. So those are the six. And each one has a set of symptoms associated with it, and there are some that overlap, right? Because sometimes, you know, with adrenal dysfunction or thyroid dysfunction, you might have a couple that overlap. Same thing with progesterone, estrogen, testosterone and, and insulin. So you had 60 of them. And do you remember what your score was? After the reset?

You know, it was like a 14. So that maybe that was like a month into it, because I continued, you know, the protocols and everything through the summer. But I know by like July, and I took it again. It was like a 14. So isn't that something? Yeah, I felt 20 different.

Yeah. Wow. So so there's like 46 symptoms have improved? 46 Right. Yeah. And it's so sustainable. And I was just, I'm doing some hot hormone tip videos, I was just, you know, doing one about, you know, weight loss. And what we don't know about weight loss is that, you know, you have to get healthy to lose weight, you know, and we have to get healthy really for just for pretty much everything to heal. And that's really all about taking care of ourselves. So share some of the main symptoms that you are experiencing.

So for me, I don't know Don't know if it was I had my daughter at age 38. So I don't know if it was just, you know, giving birth going through a C section later in life, whatever it was, my hormones seemed to be just out of whack, like, half of the month, I was very emotional. Granted, we had, you know, it was 2020. So life was crazy. But it was more than that it was, you know, kind of irrational, just being upset, and just, it wasn't me. And I was like, Look, start it, you know, I was talking to my doctor about some things, and it had just started to look into the pellet therapy in like, February of that year. And so that kind of got put on hold. And I just kind of put it off to the side. And I'm always more interested in the most natural solution. So when I saw this program, come up with the word natural in it, like, you know, that caught my eye. So, you know, basically, can you remind me of, did you want to hear why I chose it? Or did you say what were my symptoms? I can't remember what you're

just what were your what were your, like, biggest symptoms that was,

it was that like, literally two weeks out of the month, I was kind of a mess, emotionally. And then the other two weeks, I was fine. So it to me, it seemed very hormonal. But wait around the middle. Just irritability. My symptoms are very mood related. I've realized that for my for me when they're out of whack. So it's not that I feel sick so much. You know, some people have stomach issues and stuff. That's not me. But it is like it comes out mentally, emotionally. And I would say the weight that you just can't get rid of around the middle. And energy. I didn't realize how fatigued I was.
Yeah, yeah. And anxiety was like a real

deal. Anxiety. Yeah, so that's pretty much yeah, I wrapped it into the emotions. But yeah, like irrational anxiety.
Yeah, yeah. So I just, I'm just kind of pulling up some of the things that some of the main things, I think you hit on all of them, but weight gain, mood swings, anxiety, agitation, terrible fatigue, those were some of the things that that you noted, and you were just pushing through?

Mm hmm. You know, that's what I thought I had to do. But I was getting to that breaking point. You know, I was getting to that point where I couldn't do it anymore. Yeah. Well, you had

been looking for a solution for a year, you tried some things just, I'm sure it had helped you quite a bit, but just not quite all the way there. And so what what was, I mean, you didn't know me, right? When you joined the reset? What was it that said, I need to join this? Alright,

I think it was the night before you started. Like it was the last possible moment that you could join late at night, because that's what I did. stayed up late. And I just, I was like, you know, I think it might have been $40 at that point. So get in now, ladies, while it's even cheaper, and then. And I was like, why not? Like, why not just try this? Like it just a natural hormone solution. I was like, I'm gonna try it. I'm gonna try this. And you know, what do I have to lose? And I'm on Facebook all the time. Anyway, I have a business on Facebook. So I was on there anyway.

Yeah. And and I think was the really, with the really cool part is, is that like you really showed up, you really showed up. So our motto is to show up and take action every single day. Because it's not enough just to gather information. We've been doing that for a long time, we have to take action if we want to see change. And Christie did just that was pretty amazing. And I think what, what what the biggest kind of takeaway is for me, is that it's been two years. Right? And tell us about that journey. Has it been hard for you to stay on track with your health for two years.

So my husband is pretty invested too because he had known health struggles and when we started eating, well, like that helps him too and he feels really good. I feel really good. So I think just that you know, the fact that the family is doing it together for the most part helps I do meal planning more for my sanity I was I started that before any of this. So you know, that didn't get too hard for me because I was already doing it. So just, you know, switch to healthier options. I will say you know, I haven't been perfect over the last two years because life happens. There's been stress, you know, things like that. But when I start See that mood shift to negativity and your you know, irritability and anxiety? Like, I know why now, you know, I know why. And I know what to do about it. So the I'm so grateful, like, I think like knowledge is half the battle. And like, I learned so much from Robin in this program that I didn't really know. And I just like to know why I'm doing something, you know. And I like to understand how things work and how our bodies work and just made sense. To me, it was exactly what I needed to hear.

I think it makes all the difference when we know the why I've heard from so many ladies that they've tried things before, and that some of the information I'm giving them is not new, but they never stuck to it, because they didn't know that it was so important. Right? They didn't have that, that why behind it. They didn't have that scientific information. And then, you know, once you learn that you're like, oh, okay, well, I don't want that. So I'm gonna stick to this, you know, and so it gives you a lot more reason, you know, to stick with it, which I think is really important. So, so let's go through, like some of the things that healed so, you know, your anxiety completely went away. You released we say release weight, right, you release some weight,

you're gonna release 12 pounds that summer. So over like three months. Yeah.

That's amazing. And have you been able to keep it off? Okay.

Yeah, mostly. Yeah. And then I can tell when I'm starting to, you know, needing to do better again. And that's the whole thing for me is, it's just nice to know. Okay, I need to get back on track. You know, it just helps to know what to do. And I know it works for me. So yeah, yeah.

And before your period starts, are you more evened out now?

Yeah, yeah, definitely. Yeah, that there's total mood drops are gone. So it's definitely worth it's worth it for me. And I remember that summer when it when I first did this, like, that's when you notice the most difference. Like my husband was so amazed, like, just, you know, I used to be a very happy person. And I don't want to say I'm unhappy. I have a wonderful life. But there's like a lot of brain chemistry that was out of my control, I think and, you know, life felt very overwhelming. And I wasn't handling it well. So I had to get healthy to handle being a mom, you know, so a lot.
And who would know, right that, that, you know, when our brain chemistry is out of balance, or we've gained weight, right, that it's a hormonal issue, and then it's our body's just out of balance, right? It's a physiological problem. It's a physiological problem that just needs some support. Well, we know that like, it's a game changer.

Yeah. Because I think we just as women beat ourselves up, you know, I'm so terrible. I do this, I do that I can't help it. You know, it's just empowering to know, we can do something about it. It's not, you know, just a bad habit or whatever we need. We need some knowledge and support.

Yeah. Well, Christy has rocked her health so much that we actually brought her on our team. She has been a cheerleader. I think you've been a cheerleader, every reset since right? Yeah, she's an incredible support for all the women in the reset. She actually is one of our team leaders in the natural hormone Solution Program. She's, she's really, she's really an inspiration in so many ways. And it's not like you don't have 101 things going on. Right? Like you're so busy. But when, when we see benefits to things, we become really passionate about it. And the way that we keep it going is to stay connected with a like minded community. And you've really, you've really done that, and you've really been so inspiring.
Thank you. It's been so nice to have the support.

Yeah, for sure. So what would you say to a woman who's just not sure if you should join the reset?
I would say that you deserve it. So for me, in my situation, I just dealt with a lot of guilt, a lot of you know, shoulds and, you know, who should I be and not putting not that I even want to say put myself first now but I am part of what I take care of now. And like that me too kind of thing. Like, you know, and I had to get my husband on board a little bit there with you know, this is what I need and like we just had a lot of good discussions and I mean, we change over time we've been married 20 years so we're not I'm not same exact person I was, you know when we got married and life is different. So take care of yourself and if this is Something you're looking for, for your health for your mental state, anxiety, mood, you know, any thing like that it's worth a shot. And I just say like, you have nothing to lose, and you deserve to figure it out. So, yeah.

Yeah, we, we should do like we do. I guess if you know, you know that there is a possibility to feel well, and if you can admit to yourself that, that, you know, you're not feeling as well as you would like to. And, you know, the other thing that I would like to say is, it's really important to know that the solution to feeling well is not out here somewhere, right? It's right here. It's all right here, you have all the power to heal yourself. And when we start looking outside of ourselves for the solution, is when we really stay stuck, we stay stuck in hormone hell, because we try, you know, we try the next best thing. And I can tell you, none of it's going to work until you really understand those foundational habits that can help us get well and stay well. Like Christie has learned.

And there were some, you know, some things I've tried in the past, but it was only part of it. And I was never desperate enough to want to change, you know, more, and I had to get to that desperateness. So don't wait for that. You know, wait, don't wait until you're desperate. Like, look into it. Now see how this can help you feel better?

Huh? Yeah, that's that's a great point. Yeah, I was pretty desperate to when I decided that I needed to figure out my stuff. But you know, I didn't have a mentor. I didn't have a teacher. I had to, you know, go back to school. So yeah, don't don't wait. You know, now is your time. Now is your time. Well, Christy, thank you so much for being on with us, Christy. Lots of love big hearts. If you have any questions about the program just posted here. And we'll make sure to answer for you. Because you may, you may have questions, and a lot of ladies in this sisterhood group have done the reset. So they can answer questions for you, we'll answer your questions for you. And you know, Christy's in the group too. And we'll make sure that you're supported. And you know, we say yes to ourselves. It changes the world changes the world. I mean, Christy's whole family, right? has better health now because she did the reset. And when we say yes to ourselves, our genes automatically start expressing themselves for the better, just like that without doing anything. Ah, because your genes are just starting to feel so good. It's like, yes, yes. All right. Well, so great to have you on today. You're always such an inspiration, such a great a great story and to have healed so many things and to have sustained it, you know, for two years is is just how it's supposed to be. You know, I can say it's incredible, but it's how it's supposed to be because once you have that awareness, you know, you can never not have it. So you just start noticing and when you start to feel better. You just don't want to go back. There true. Yeah. So you notice when you know you start to get off track again, when things start to come up and you're like, oh, I have to, you know, get back to doing everything I know.

For sure. And the nice weather helps too, because it's time to get outside.

Yes, it does. Thankful for great weather. Well, Christy, thank you again, so much for being here. Big kisses for you. And we will see you in the reset. All right. I can't wait. All right. All right. Well say goodbye. Goodbye, everyone. Great to have you on today.