Hot Hormone Tip: Reset Your Circadian Rhythm for Hormone Balance

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Getting enough quality sleep is one of the best things we can do for our hormones. But when our circadian rhythm, or body clock, is out of sync, it can make it hard to support ourselves throughout the day. If you’re feeling tired in the morning and wired at night, you may need to reset your circadian rhythm. Ways to do this include getting sunlight and sexual stimulation first thing in the morning and eating a high protein breakfast.

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Hello, beautiful Hey, this is Robin Nielsen. And it's so great to be here with you today I have a really great hot hormone tip for you. I know many of you have participated in Robins hormone reset. So maybe you've heard this before. But it's definitely something that is so important. And October has been all about pleasure and intimacy getting more into our bodies, because that's how we can really heal. Did you know that your body is your very best doctor, your body is your very best doctor. And so when you touch it, when you're in tune with it, it tells you things. And that information is vital to helping you feel well get well feel well stay well. So my hot tip is I'm going to give you how to reset your circadian rhythm. So if you feel like you're tired, when you get up in the morning, you don't have great energy throughout the day, you're kind of wired at bedtime. So your circadian rhythm is backwards, right? We want good energy in the morning, we want to be tired at night. But oftentimes it's the opposite. Right? Give me a thumbs up if you feel like your energy is exactly the opposite. You're tired in the morning, and you're a little wired at night, so you have trouble falling asleep. Give me a thumbs up if that's you. Alright, so you want to switch that because you want to have good energy during the day. So you can get stuff done, you can be present for life. And then you want to have you know, lower energy towards the end of the day. So you can get sleep good sleep, so you can recharge and have great energy the next day. So here's how you do that. You when you wake up, you want to get sunlight in your eyes first thing in the morning. Right now it's a little tricky because it's dark outside, so you might have to wait on that one. The second thing is you stimulate your nipples for one minute for one minute. Or you have an orgasm. And an orgasm for women is not necessarily climax in orgasm for women is just being stimulated. Right so it's you know, an orgasm for women is all over the place. You may climax you may not climax, but it helps to build the mother hormone oxytocin. And, and so we're going to talk about nipple stimulation today. Because our breasts are so important and you know, we ignore them a lot of times and our breasts actually hold relationship. Our breasts are really important for heart health. And our breasts are also important for lymphatic drainage. So you know, when you're massaging your nipples, you can also massage your entire breast and go under your armpit because your breast tissue goes all the way under there. So just massage under your armpit as well. And just love your nipples for one minute. And it's stimulating produces oxytocin helps you wake up and get going right, it's going to get that cortisol flowing. So but and the third tip for resetting your circadian rhythm is to eat a high protein breakfast 30 grams of protein ladies 30 grams of protein per per meal. So more on protein later, but if you've taken any of my programs, use that approved food list so you know what types of proteins are best, and get 30 grams. It's a game changer for for, for energy for blood sugar balance for healthy cholesterol levels, for muscle right to feel strong, will completely do away with cravings like so many magical things happen and you'll feel happy you'll be able to sleep. So we're gonna go back to the nipple stimulation ladies because that's all about pleasure and intimacy. So love on those breaths in the morning. And then when the sun comes out, it's sunlight in your eyes because that says to wake up right? tells your brain has time to get going. And then eat your high protein breakfast. Alright, so post right here. I'm in I'm going to do it. And I will see you soon. All right, sending you lots of love