When Is the Right Time To Fix Your Hormones?

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For most of us, life is busy. Whether juggling the demands of work, family, or prioritizing other’s needs, it can sometimes feel like there’s never a good time to start taking charge of our health. But in reality, there may never be a “good” or “perfect” time.

In this video, Robin invites you to ask, “What if I wait another year?” “How will I feel a year from now if I do nothing?” Reflecting on these questions can help us realize that taking action, however small, is the first step towards feeling our best. Robin talks with guests about their successes with the Hormone Reset Program, and how making small changes over time can lead to incredible results.

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So just gonna start the recording Hello Beauties Welcome to hormone breakthrough Wednesday let's just arrive for a moment here just move your body my day is Nacho something that I've noticed is a sparkle in my smile is a diamond plating and it's been there to shine


want to feel alive again I want to have what happened to my dream I feel like I've lost my mind it's time to shut
up was so beautiful. It's so great to be here with you today. I am in my brand new home. It's not brand new, but it's brand new to me. And we're just down here visiting for the first time we're moving to near Santa Barbara, California has an area called Carpinteria just south of Santa Barbara. And it's kind of moving home. For me, I grew up in Santa Barbara. So I'm pretty excited about it. We're just spending a couple of days here. Not going to do the reset from here. But we will be moving after the reset is over. And we're so excited that ocean view is incredible. It's just so sunny and so beautiful. And I'll give you a tour maybe next time. And so I actually forgot some of my makeup. So I am just we're kind of camping here. And it's kind of fun that we just arrived and we're on an adventure. It's an adventure. And that's kind of how I see Robins hormone reset. It's an adventure. And adventures are my favorite thing. Or just my favorite thing ever. I don't know, it's like you just don't know what's going to happen. There's a little bit of risk involved. It's exciting. It's different. There's change, there's opportunity, you know, you get to see all these things. This house is actually pretty old that I'm in think it was built maybe the 1950s. So it's not super old, but it's pretty old. And they just kind of gave it a kiss. They touched it up a little bit. And of course you know, some things are really cool. Some things aren't like the the floor in the kitchen slopes a little bit, you know, which I think is hysterical, but I don't really notice it. Yeah, it's just kind of cool. But adventures are kind of the for me. They're like the breath of life. Right? They add they add real life to our journey. So I am so excited that Robins hormone reset is coming right out. It starts on Monday. So Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, five days. Oh my goodness, we have over 400 Ladies registered congratulations. If you signed up, and congratulations if you've done it before. And you're doing it again. Because that's how we stay on track with our health. So if you're joining me live or you're watching the replay pound replay, hashtag replay, then put in Yes, I'm joining the reset. So whether you've joined for the very first time, this time, or whether you're doing it again, post right here. Yes. I want to see all the ladies who are who are joining in and today's topic. I just love today's topic because it's powerful. It's so powerful. So the topic is What if you Wait a year. So we're really good. I was really good at putting things off Well, right now is not a good time. Right? Have you ever said that right now is not a good time. The fact is, there is never a good time to take charge of your help, there's never a good time to say yes to you to make time for you. Because life is busy, and it's busy now more than ever. So, you know, the reset used to be, you know, eliminate anxiety, lose weight and boost your immunity. And this one is the same, but we have boost your energy, because we know that when we have energy that our metabolism is so much better. But here's the deal. You know, the pandemic COVID, the, you know, omicron, if I'm saying that correctly, variant rate is more powerful now than ever. From what I've heard from NPR, the hospitals are just filled again, which is crazy to me. And so we are not through this by any means. And it's really important for us to understand that the power of our health is in our hands. If you agree with that, give me a thumbs up or give me a heart. Right, the power of our health is in our hands. I mean, we have learned that now more than ever over these past two years. Oh, my gosh. So we've got to say yes to ourselves right now. So think about some of the health challenges that you have going on. I'd like you to post, you know, up to three here, like what are your top three health challenges? What are your top three health challenges? Just post them right here. And let's live up on each other, you know, when another woman posts, please, you know, instead of liking her comment, could you love it, because that's getting us ready for Robins hormone reset. That's what the reset is all about. We absolutely love on each other every single day, because that's how we can heal. So list your top three health challenges here in the comments. And then I want I want us to live up on each other. And I want you to just sit with that for a minute. Just sit with that in your body, those top three health challenges. Like, Let's put our hands on our hearts. Take a deep breath in. And they want you to really sit in that for a minute. Like what does it really mean to you to feel so tired to have this constant struggle with weight gain? To have brain fog so that you can barely get through the day? Like it's just so hard to think clearly. Hmm. Yeah, you know, acne, you know, what does it feel like to have acne on your face? What does it feel like to constantly go in and out of hot and cold, right? Hot flashes, and then you get cold and then you break out in a sweat and your your, your body temperature just can't get regulated no matter what you do. Or maybe you're sitting in, you know, insomnia. You just can't get a good night's sleep. So you're just tired. And you're craving all the time. You're craving carbohydrates or craving sugar, you know, and he just can't get enough. What does that feel like? Yeah, and now I want you to think a year from now. Right? If you take no action, so you don't do anything. You don't do anything you keep on with your busy schedule. You keep ignoring what your body is trying to tell you. What does life look like in a year? It's not very far out. Look how fast these two years have gone. What does life look like for you in just one year? I want you to feel into that. How does that feel for you? Does it get you excited? Or does it make you really really sad? Yeah. Yeah. I lost both my parents a year ago. My beautiful mother in love is I'm really struggling right now she's going to be 91 in a week and a half, can you believe that? And she still walks like, I don't know, eight miles a week and still has some, you know, her friends and still reads a lot. But the decline is happening pretty fast. And you can imagine it 91 That could happen. But life goes so fast. And if you talk to any of your elderly relatives, they will tell you that they can't believe how quickly it's gone. So I invite you to not wait for the perfect right time, I invite you not to wait for the perfect break time, but to say yes to yourself now. Because when you say yes to yourself, your genes automatically start expressing themselves for the better immediately. You're all ready healing, when you say yes to self care, when you say yes to yourself. Isn't that incredible? So there's another question. That is also a good question for right now. So if I don't do anything right now, what will life be like in a year, right?

And then, let's see. If the if not now, then when? Right. And what I invite you to think about is what you'll learn in Robbins form on reset, is all those things that you need to actually sustain you forever. So one of my clients said, this is the very first year ever that she hasn't looked for the next program or the next diet. Isn't that incredible? The very first year ever, like that is enormous. And I can still relate to that with every cell in my body because I was doing a diet every January because every year I felt it was my fault that I wasn't successful. That's crazy. Right? I think it's the definition of insanity, actually. But I know like so many of us women have done that. Have you done that? Can I just comment right here have you dieted pretty much every January for your entire life? Oh, my gosh, for decades, I did that. But I always thought it was my fault. I always thought it wasn't trying hard enough, or I just didn't have enough willpower. So I thought this year is going to be different. That's what I would tell myself this year is going to be different. I don't know why I thought that. And so for years now, for decades, now, I haven't had to do anything special in January with my house, except for continue doing what I've been doing. So that's what I want to teach you and show you the hormonal impact of all the things that you're doing in your life. And how if you just make some small shifts, you could feel so much better, and you could actually sustain it. So I have a couple of guests on who I want to share with you. I'm going to bring one of them on right now. And they're going to tell you a little bit of how they did it because they think that there's nothing more inspiring and showing possibility than when someone tells you their story. So I'm gonna bring on beautiful, beautiful Deanna first because I know she has to run she has to pick up her daughter. So Deanna, I'm going to bring you on beautiful woman.

And while Deanna is coming on, there you are. Oh my gosh, she looks so gorgeous. Oh, so beautiful. You said to unmute yourself. Can you see the button there?

I hit the button a couple times.

Oh my gosh, thank you so much for joining us today. It was a little bit last minute and you squeezed us in?

Yes, I'm geared up to like go walk after today because it's gonna be 43 degrees versus like 2010 30.

Yeah, well, you look like you're a little bit bundled up. But yeah, 43 is probably super warm for you. Can you hear me?


Yeah, it's kind of going in and out. Okay, maybe?

Yeah, I don't I don't know if my internet connection is very strong. Here. I'm in a new place. So I'll just let you talk. So I'm Deanna Can you tell us which reset you did?

Well, I did every single one. The first one I did, which was my game changer. life changer was the May 2020.

So you did the very first one. Oh my gosh, the very first one. And why did you join? What were your major health challenges? So at that point,

I'm, well, I was in a really, really bad place. And I just I was completely overwhelmed by life and everything. And I was taking care of everybody else. And I couldn't even possibly take care of myself. And it went to a whole new level of really having to take care of everyone else. And then I finally was like, I can't live like this. And I said, I have to do something. And so, you know, funny enough. I don't know if I've ever said this before. But I want to say probably, like back in 2014. Like, I remember seeing you and Annika, Becca, come on some things that I had watched. So when it came up, I'm like, Oh, I'm totally doing Robins. Hormone reset.

Hey, oh, my gosh, wow, that's so awesome. So give us some very specific health challenges.

So, um, I had, you know, kind of like an onset of high blood pressure. And I, you know, obviously, the natural thing with the cholesterol and I had gained so much weight because I was so stressed out and not sleeping well, or eating as good as I could. And then just, you know, the basic thing of I got to the point where, like, my ankles would be swollen, I, you know, my joints were painful. And even my one ankle would be very sensitive to. And I was at the point where I've never wanted to be on any more medication that I had to because I had thyroid playing into all of that, too. And so I always was like, Well, I'm kind of on the verge of like menopause, as well as the thyroid issue. So those were kind of the big things that I knew I wanted to do more about too. And all those other things playing in and then then I was getting this, like, whiteheads I would sweat i get whiteheads all over my forehead, and just it was awful. And one time my husband literally I was like, oh my god, I'm like, what's going on? So I buy headbands for every time I play tennis, because I thought well, if I keep this the heat off, there'll be no big deal. And, and that if it worked, and the dermatologists you know, wanted to give me something and I didn't want to. Yeah, so

yeah, that's right. I remember, it was a lot. Yeah, I remember that you were a tennis player that you are a tennis player. Because we definitely have that in common. We use change of view here. And, and so you were suffering from kind of borderline high blood pressure, a lot of weight gain, you were noticing some inflammation, you know, especially with the you know, the weight things that were coming on your head. And, and you weren't sleeping well. So I'm imagining that you were pretty tired.

Yes, I was completely exhausted. And I just, I couldn't get enough sleep because it was like staying up to take care of my family and then my mother in law on top of it. And, you know, just and then, you know, a big major, you know, family kid issue that, you know, just took all the more resources, you know?

Yeah, yeah. And and so so you said, Hell yes, I want to do this you knew me from before, and most ladies don't? And and so what are you just share with us? So over even just over the reset? Like, what are the some of the things that you started noticing?

Well, um, for me, a big thing was I was constantly I was filling full. And I loved how when I changed how I was eating, that I literally actually would feel hungry. And it's like, Oh, I forgot what they used to feel like. Because I think probably I was probably doing some emotional eating too, not just paying attention at all. And so I ended up, you know, losing, I think in I don't know, I want to say maybe the first year or within at least the first six months, I ended up losing 45 pounds. I mean, I still have more weight that I need to shed, but just that big start was huge. And my cholesterol. I mean, I dropped probably like 60 points, when I look back on, you know, my tests, and then I'm just feeling better in general. Like it was hard for me like I was super conscious of saying, There's no way I'm gonna play tennis every day because I'll hurt myself. And I went from playing maybe once every two or three days to you know, I could do every other day and then oh look, I just played five I just played five days. How did I do that? You know, and feeling super strong and coming back. You know? It was just a great feeling because that was my my out.
Yes, that is so incredible. So incredible. And your skin is beautiful. Yeah. Yeah,

pretty much.

And, and actually, you know, the funny thing is, is I actually thought my first score, the highest was 83. But then I double checked, and it was 63. And so coming into this one, I'm not quite where I want to be, but on all of them I had dropped quite a bit. And it's my lowest start. And I want to say like 25. So

that's awesome. So, so much

better. Yes,

it's gonna be a little bit different. In that we're going to do a hormone assessment every day on a different hormone. And then at the end, we're going to do a complete hormone assessment so that you get to see where you ended up with everything. It's only seven days, so it's a lot shorter. So we've got to really embrace these things quickly, right? Because a second session. So, so great. So what would you say to a woman who is just not sure if this is the right time for her, I hope that this is the right program for her.

Well, based on, on everything that I've experienced, and all the friends I've been talking to lately, we're all literally talking about the whole big thing that it's like, we have to do it now no one else is going to do it for us, we have to say yes to ourselves. Because the same old adage, right, you put your oxygen mask on first, you help other people, you take care of yourself, and then you're able to do more for yourself and help others. And it just feels so much better. You know, when you're feeling good. I mean, I haven't inspired my husband, you know, to take his next challenges. So he's lost all of his way. But he went a totally different route. But he's eating well, and so we can both eat together, you know?

Yeah. That's fantastic. And you know, you well, we women end up bringing a lot of people with us when we find something that we really love that works for us.

Yeah, we do. And you know, you can't put a price really on your health, I would, you know, it's like going the route of getting more medication never solves anything and trying to you know, really look at what I think one of the biggest takeaways for me is realizing that we have so many more choices to that we can make to change things and figuring out what our big Y is, you know, will help make that choice easier. Because do you want to go down the route of more medicine? Oh, it's easier. You Yeah, maybe easier. And then you gotta do the next pill, the next pill to take care of the next thing. I've saw that with so many people. And I was just bound and determined. I'm like, that's not the way I want to go. So

I love that. I love that you had that. That fortitude that you envision right fortitude and vision to say, this is what I want for myself. Yeah. And oh my gosh, just dropping the 60 points in cholesterol is fantastic. Congratulations. It's a big deal.

Yeah, thank you. It's huge.

All right. Well, let's give Deanna A big kiss. And thank you so much for joining us today. Big hearts for Deanna. And you will see her in the reset. She's quite an advocate and quite an amazing supporter. That's why I had her on today, because she's always just loving up on everyone. So I just really, really appreciate you coming on. And we'll see you want to reset. All right. Thank you. Thanks for having me. Yes. By Deanna by. All right, super amazing. Yeah, super amazing. All right. So now I'm going to bring on another beautiful woman today. Oh, my gosh. And we have a picture that we're going to share with you kind of a before and after her name is. Hold on. Mrs. Second, let me invite her in. My name is Laura Johnson, Laura Johnson. And I have this gorgeous picture. In fact, she's right there. You can sort of see her picture right there. That's her after picture. Since she looks so gorgeous. Oh my gosh. There you are. Hi, Laura. Hello. So great to be here with you.

Oh, nice to be with you too. This is exciting. Fun, fun.

Thank you so much for joining us today. Oh my gosh. Okay, so I just want to share let me share your, your before and after here, just so that the ladies can get a little bit of an idea. So there's a little bit of a before and after. She just has a real twinkle in her eye on the right doesn't she? A real dog so beautiful. So beautiful. So, Laura, which How long ago did you do the reset? Or which was the first one that you did?

So it was May of last year May of 2021 Right? Yep.

Okay, so about I don't know, like seven months ago or something like that. Yeah. Okay, so did how did you end up joining the reset? Was it through a Facebook ad?

It was Yes, I saw it on Facebook. And it just as as the universe does it, it came at the right time. I was struggling with some things just like we all we all are at some point in our lives and had had been a PCOS struggler as well with very few answers. And I wish I would have found your program years ago for that purpose, but I just I saw it and I thought, you know, I gotta try one more thing.

Well, you are clearly ready, right for this for this because you know, it comes up when we're ready. For sure. So where are you joining in from where in the world?

I live in Detroit, Michigan. Okay, so not a suburb of Detroit.

So, okay. Oh, lovely. All right. So share with us some of your challenges before you started the reset. And if you have your beginning score and your ending score two, that would be awesome to share.

Okay. Yeah, my, so I came in overweight, I just that picture you can see puffy and tired and overweight. And that digestion was terrible. I was eating Tums just along with every meal, and had them in my car and had him by my bed and and just basic aches and pains. I was competitive figure skater. And I'm 57 now, so they, they said, well, that kind of goes with age. And that's me 40 years ago, in that picture back there. Wow. And then borderline diabetic diabetic. And so a year ago, we were in the midst of and we still are in the midst of COVID. And diabetes was something that they were saying COVID kind of targeted. And so I just I gotta do something with my health. And I don't want to end up with diabetes. My mother was type two diabetic and so my beginning score was 70. And then do you want do you want to know my score after the 15 days?

Yes, we sure do. What was it after the 15th? Just 15 days, right? What was it after? 15 days?


Oh my gosh. 70 to 26? Is that what you said? Yep. Okay, so every single point on that hormone assessment, which is the complete hormone assessment, we're going to do a little bit different on this reset. Every single point is a symptom. So when she went from 70 to 26, let's see how good I am with math here. That's four plus 40. That's 4444 symptoms and improved in 15 days. Oh my gosh. Well, you're just a rockstar. You're amazing. Okay, so you are. So share with us. So you said you were overweight, what else were you experiencing puffiness,

the puffiness, the aches, and that just the aches and pains. I knew that was inflammation and, and then my my diabetic numbers, I was measuring my glucose every once in a while and I was pre diabetic, but very borderline. In fact, one of the readings was into diabetes. So I was I was Yeah.

Well, it's so smart. We've had a lot of ladies asked if this is a good program for diabetes, type two diabetes, and it's like a foundational program for type two diabetes for anything. Right for any chronic health condition. It is a foundational program. And I say for women, but it's actually for everybody. It's it's just that it's you know, when we get when we get ourselves on board, then you know, our families follow along, so I have to get the ladies in the household, because they actually make 85% of the health care decisions in the family. 85% Yeah, it's enormous, right? I mean, how often do men initiate, you know, going to the doctor or a new health plan or yeah, it's just not very common, right? It's the oh, I can do it myself. Maybe I don't know. I don't really know the the mentality behind it, but something like that. So it's really important. And the other statistic is 80% of women suffer from hormone imbalances. And, you know, I shared my story a couple of days ago in the hormone reset group, I share it new every time I get to relive all of my health challenges every time and oh my gosh, like who would have thought that things like you know, receding gums and you know, receding enamel on my teeth and you know Rough elbows and digestive problems were related to hormones. I never would have guessed that. But as soon as I got more and more and more and more balanced, all of those things resolved crazy. So tell us some of the symptoms that really improved for you like, what did you start noticing?
So, probably first, the digestion improved. And it was, it was getting rid of the coffee was the gluten, the gluten and it was also, I think, a little thing. And that was not drinking, when I ate, I used to eat and drink and eat and drink and eat and drink. And that one thing you suggested was leave all the liquids just let your digestion, that that dilutes things, and I think that alone made a huge difference. And it was right away. And and then the weight started coming, releasing pretty quickly. But the other thing I noticed was that the inflammation going down, and my joints just feeling better. And, and the ankles didn't feel as sore and the hips weren't as sore. And you know, all that thing that they say is just aging just wasn't happening anymore. So it's not just aging. And so then you get really excited about what more you can do. And by I think by the end of the 15 days, it may have taken a little bit longer than that. But the glucose glucose numbers started to be normal. And that really kind of hit me in the face. Wow. And that was all because of this program. You know that that happened? Because they were abnormal for years. That's absolutely

cool. And it's life changing, right? Like I've gained and lost hundreds of pounds over the years. But when you see your blood sugar numbers come down, and it stays there, like that's a game changer. Right? And now when your blood sugar comes down and stays there, you've you know, people say, oh, you know, in the first week of a diet, oh, I just lost water weight, right? Like that's a common thing that we say. But when you lose water weight, you're actually reducing inflammation. Like I get goosebumps when I say that, like that is enormous, right? It's enormous, like people who are not well actually put on a lot of water weight, they actually have a lot of the Deema because they're so inflamed. And that's really what was happening to you. Yep. And then when you started shifting things from what you learned in the reset, right, all of a sudden, your body started to heal, because our bodies are miraculous, right? We don't need extra things, we just need to take care of ourselves in the right way. That's it, you gave away a few secrets in the program. But here's the really cool thing. It's not new news to very many of us. But what is special is that for the first time in your life, you will learn the hormonal impact of some of these things. And so you might I've heard this from so many ladies, I already knew that. I already tried it. But I just didn't believe it until I did your program.

Now your approach actually looks to the long, it's the long term. So I'm done, you know, gluten free challenge challenges before so but with the mindset of a challenge, you think, Okay, after 30 days, I don't have to do this anymore, you know. And while I was doing this, about five months into it, because I joined your natural hormone solutions after the 15 days, which I've been a part of, I had a friend say, So how long are you going to do this? And I said, Well, this is my life. You know, this. It's not there's not a, this is how I live now. And I'm not 100% always doing the right the right thing. But, um, but he kind of looked at me and said, Wow, that's kind of cool. And I said, it's not a diet. It's not a challenge. It's not a it's it's a way of looking at what's right for me and what's good for me differently. Oh, I love that. And that's your program. I mean, you're you create that mindset for or help us to create that mindset. You help us to look at the whys. And then you start feeling better, you're more, you're more aware of how you're feeling and you can really see the long term

long term benefits. Yeah. And I think that, you know, for some of us, you know, we want to do something for a short time and then we want to stop doing it. And that's what's different about this program is that we don't stop doing anything But, you know, you can always experiment, right? I'm sure you've done some experimenting, and just see what you notice, right? Because when we take charge of our health, we're in charge. So we get to decide. But as you start to feel better, like Laura has you stop experimenting so much. Because you get to feeling well and good and good energy, and you're actually happy for the first time in a long time, and you just don't want to mess with that. Yeah, so Laura, what would you say to a woman who is deciding whether to join Robins hormone reset?

I think probably one of the main things is that it is a natural approach. So it's not, you don't have to do anything weird. It's just changing the way you look at how you eat. But and it's a very natural approach. So you've got, and you've got the science behind it. So it's, it's, each time you get together, in those in the days of the reset, you're learning something really significant that you didn't know before. And what you come to the to the room with is so much knowledge and science behind why these things work, or why they don't work, and why they're getting in our way. So I think that's part of it. And, you know, one thing that I think was a, maybe an outcome that I didn't expect was how much I felt like, wow, I really care about myself. You know, and, and I love myself enough to do this. And I love the people who love me enough to do this. And I think that's probably one of the biggest things as women we forget is that we need to do these things for ourselves, it might take time away from something else, we might want to do a little bit of time, or it might take our attention away for a little bit. But in the long run. You know, the people we love benefit from it, because we're better. We're better people for them. And like you said, it can expand and stretch into the family.
Oh my gosh, I love that that is so beautifully said. I mean, how many of us actually say I love myself. You know what, I love myself enough to do this. And then you said something else that was really profound, which was, you know, it may take time away from something else that we're doing. And here's the deal with that. Most of the things that we're doing during the day, we don't really want to be doing anyway. But we do it because we think we have to or because of societal pressures or whatever the issue is, right? So we have to advocate for ourselves. Because no one else is going to advocate for you. No one, right. That's why I'm doing this. Being sick is a very lonely journey. Nobody can heal from that. But you are help you heal from that, right? We get a lot of sympathy, maybe some empathy. But then they're off doing their thing and you're stuck being sick. Let's, let's end it this year, we're not doing sick anymore, right? Whether it's, you know, chronic diseases, or just, you know, the cold or the flu, or whatever it is, let's just not do that anymore. Well, Laura, you are an incredible inspiration. I'll thank you. Thank you so much for being here. Are you going to join the reset this time?

I think so. I think after the after the holidays, it's nice to get back. Have that extra boost in the mindset to get really back on track.

Yes, it's so great that you're in the natural hormone Solution Program, because that's a fantastic program. So you get a lot of support there too.

Yeah. All right. Absolutely. And that's the other part of any of these is the support that you're getting not only from, from you and from your team, but each other.

from each other. Yeah, good community. Oh my gosh. All right, let's give big hearts to Laura. Big hearts to Laura. Thank you so much. Big kisses for you. And we look forward to seeing you in the reset if only to stop by and say hello. We'll do all right. Bye, Laura. Bye. Bye. Oh my gosh, so so lovely. So lovely. So what is one takeaway that you have received from either listening to Deanna or to Laura, you can see that you know, there are a lot of chronic health conditions that they were dealing with right? A lot of them like you know, borderline high blood pressure, diabetes. So those are what we call chronic diseases of aging. And you do not want to mess with those because it Just morphs into more and more and more disease, right. And, you know, weight gain, which is a sign that we're not taking care of our bodies as we could, right, so lots of inflammation happening, skin issues, you know, horrible fatigue, you know, really lack of energy. So many things. So what are a couple of those symptoms that you can relate to, you can post them here are a couple of those symptoms. And you know, when you join the reset, the very first thing that I want you to do is watch the welcome video, and post your top three health goals. Because what we focus on grows, and we want those things to grow. So actually, on our very first day, we're gonna be talking about how we shift our perspective so that we can be super successful with reaching all of our health goals, we can totally do it. And I really encourage you to grab your VIP all access pass as well because you'll get just extra special attention from myself and from my team, we have some really lovely things going on and the reset is so much fun. We have prizes every day games every day. We have so much fun in there and so much love and it's just it's like I don't know it's like this beautiful tunnel that ends I don't know and an abalone shell you know are just like these beautiful mermaids that come out the other side that feel like life is possible again, it's just so beautiful. So is that will you please post the link for the reset here and then I want you to bring your friends so we have two incredible bring your friend contests going on. One is one is for the natural hormone solution ladies and for all the reset ladies. And then we have one very special one for my private clients as well so I just I just want to give you the leaderboard right now so that you can get in the game because there is still so much room for you to jump right up to the top. So the bring a friend contest leaderboard is first place is Chelsea Allen. Second place is Laura Kimball. Third place is GM see centon Mo. Oh my gosh. Fourth places Lindop Merkel Fifth place is Kaylee savage. Sixth place is Louise Dawson, seven places Katie Stewart in eighth place is Sydney pokok oh my gosh, congratulations, ladies. Keep bringing friends because we give I think we give three, three prizes. And there are eight, eight places right now. So three prizes and that can shift really quickly. And then in my private program that heal your hormones program. First place is Tammy Schumacher right now. Second place is Carol gatos. Third place is Martha Bennett and fourth place is Nancy banky. So, way to go ladies, you know, we actually have had not been able to advertise on Facebook very much this time around. Because our ad account was hacked into on Christmas Day. So we are really relying on our beautiful community to help us spread the word about this incredible program. I think what makes it the best is our beautiful community. It's like just you know, all of these women like minded women lifting each other up, it's so beautiful. So I look forward to seeing you there. Don't wait until the last minute because it just might pass you by you just might forget all about it. We absolutely closed registration on Sunday so do not wait and bring your sister friends. Alright ladies, it's been wonderful being with you here today. In 2022. Whatever you want is possible. Sending you so much love