Simple Changes Create Momentum: How to Balance Your Hormones

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When our hormones are out of balance, it can feel overwhelming. Often, we are tempted by extreme solutions like fad diets or overexercising. But it doesn’t have to be that hard! Starting with small changes can help create the momentum you need to see lasting change.

In this video, Robin talks with Karye about her health challenges after pregnancy, including brain fog, weight gain, insomnia, and joint pain. Karye shares her struggle figuring out where to start, and how she learned that making simple changes can have a big impact.

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Well, this this, this is called stress resilience, like we are just not worried about it, we want to be live with you, but it's not happening right now. Zoom and Facebook changed everything. So clearly we're not up on our technology. So we're gonna do this. We're gonna record it. And then we're going to Facebook so that you can share this amazing experience with us. So today's hormone breakthrough Wednesday. And we were supposed to have a couple of guests on today the beautiful Nina and Carrie, but either had something come up so she couldn't be here with us today. But we have beautiful Carrie Boyer and she has given permission to be here today and share her health journey with us. It's really powerful. And she's she's just she's an incredible Rockstar. So I want to welcome you, Carrie to hormone breakthrough Wednesday.

Thank you. Thank you so much. I'm glad to be here.

So great to have you here and tell us where you are located in the world.

Absolutely. So I live in a pretty small town named Mansfield in Texas. It's REITs southeast of Fort Worth, it's actually mid cities. I'm directly in the middle of Dallas and Fort Worth.

Awesome and, and you are a busy a busy woman. You're a former principal school principal, and you have twins. It's not like sitting around twiddling your thumbs all day or whatever it is we do and we don't have work to do. All right. You are one busy woman. And before January before the January 15 Day hormone reset, you had some health challenges. And can you share? Can you share with those were? Yeah, sure.

For me, it started slow, so slow, so my kids are about four and a half. And when I I had a real healthy pregnancy and all that stuff, but when I was trying to recover, and you know, it takes a while to do that, I started noticing that I was having some, you know, not normal symptoms. And those little symptoms were, you know, just brain fog. I had this drastic weight loss after I gave birth. But then over the next couple of years, I'm gaining weight gaining gaining and I hadn't changed any of my eating so I wasn't like you know, eating crazy things. I was eating things that I always had been eating, but they were just meeting me differently. I especially in the middle of my my body. I had one that was really big for me that has just changed so much. It's still I'm just like, Is this too good to be true? I would get a second wind at night so like, around 8:39pm I would like wake up and then I'm up until 230 In the morning, I mean just wide awake, which you can't function on, you know, four or five hours asleep night after night after night and be pleasant. So it was affecting you know all of those things but it was repetitive me it was just happening and I couldn't it wasn't mental it wasn't like oh I'm going to stay away it was like physical my body would just would not go down easily that in turn my emotions my internal motion so um I'm a pretty you know, I'm pretty roll with it kind of girl and I was starting not to be around with it. easily frustrated, easily irritated, easily spun up. Feeling anxious, I mean, just weird anxiousness that I had, up until that point I'd never experienced. I was having. Like, physically, physically, I was having these aches and these pains in my joints, specifically in my knees, my lower back, my neck, the bottom of my feet. Just almost thrombi like, I felt like, I'm 43 years old. And I was thinking, I feel like I'm the 70. I mean, I don't know what that feels like. But I was like, what is happening? I was thirsty a lot, too. And I would drink water and water and water. But it was like I was just, you know, thirsty, my sinuses, my allergies in the last four and a half years have gone crazy. I just cannot bounce back from like drainage. At the time. I was crying a lot, because I knew that I could not continue feeling and dealing with this. And so I had gone to doctors, even some really respectable doctors that, you know, care. And then they they want to care for me. But they they weren't they, at the time. I didn't know the right questions to ask. I've learned that and you have helped me learn that too. And so I eventually, you know, came to this point where I reached out to a college friend, we went to college together, and she had gone through your 15 day reset a year before and she had had so much freedom and success and the vitality restored. And she began we were talking one day on Facebook, actually instant messenger. And she said, Hey, and she sent me the link to the 15 day reset. And at that time, all these things that were happening, I just remember at that time thinking if I could just find a way to begin something different and new that would help me I could do it. You don't do it. I'm saying.

So you had a friend invite you it wasn't a Facebook ad I had forgotten that. Yeah. Amazing. We are loving your friend, right?

Oh, oh my god many times. I did I had a dear friend who had had your the 15 day reset the year before in 2019. And our 2020 Excuse me, and again, she was like, hey, just check this out. And I was like, on and so

that's great. And you also had so you mentioned Wait. You mentioned moods, you mentioned being a night owl and getting very getting very little sleep. You mentioned a lot of aches and pains. Yeah. Everywhere and feeling. You know, old. Right? Yeah. When you're young, which is Yeah, that's a totally my thing. I felt old when I was young. And it's something that you didn't mention. And then you mentioned allergies. Yeah. And something that you didn't mention with thyroid problems.

Yes, absolutely. So again, I had a twin pregnancy. And so when you have multiples, they check your levels, and you have sonograms much more frequently than you would if you were carrying a single baby. And so I knew that my thyroid specifically had been tested throughout my pregnancy, not because I was having indicators of issues. But again, just it's just a pretty precautionary or my doctor had a precautionary protocol for that. And so went about four to five months after having my babies. I went in just for an a you know, I think it was a six month checkup after and he checked my thyroid again, pretty standard. He was like, Whoa, something's up. And at that point, but or before that point, I had noticed. You know, my I was sensitive to hot and cold I noticed I was again would have these weird sweats. You know, when I wasn't even exerting myself or my skin was starting to look kind of dull and in blah, so to speak. And I mean, I had just given birth and so I just thought, well, maybe this is normal again. I had never had babies up until then. And I didn't I didn't know and then that's when I started having sinuses, more sinus issues. And I had before I thought well, so my doctor sent me to an endocrinologist and I was diagnosed with what they call plumbers disease and put on a small amount of medicine. For hyperthyroidism, but as you and I, you know, as I have learning about myself and learning about my health, I'm actually, you know, dealing with hypothyroidism. So I'm kind of ping ponging, so to speak, back and forth. With that, and with the symptoms of that as well. And so I also deal with PCOS, polycystic ovary syndrome. And which for me, there are more than you know, there's about 10 Plus markers. But for me, irregular periods. Sometimes no periods, no ovulation, sometimes I'm ovulating twice in a cycle. So, again, I personally felt like I was stuck in PMS, for weeks, so just that feeling that crampy, the bloating, the emotions of, you know, you feel like you're stepping on the Crazy Train, so to speak. And again, it really affected me the thyroid, you know, I kept my hair, you know, felt weird, it felt like Hey, I mean, now I'm naturally gray headed. That's right. But it was it was starting to lose just luster it was starting to feel different. And again, this was over time, it wasn't just overnight. But I knew that's not what it was before. And I was like, What is going on? Yeah, I mean, there were many can relate

for sure. And I have forgotten that you had a lot of symptoms of PCOS. In fact, I don't even know if we talked about that, because Kari ended up joining my private program, and has continued on her incredible path here. And if you're joining in on the replay, which everyone is joining in on the replay, please say hello, and where you're joining in from. and list your top three health goals for the hormone reset. And the 50 day hormone reset is coming up on May 10. So it's gonna be here before you know it the day after Mother's Day, we're gonna celebrate Mother's Day, then we're going to take care of ourselves. And and so Carrie, do you remember I'm putting you on the spot here? Yeah, you take a complete hormone assessment before we started the program. Do you remember what your squat did?

I do. I was in the mid 80s. So again, going through that I kept going oh my gosh, that's me. Yes, highlight yet, you know, and counting all I had at? I was in the middle of the eight. I think it was like 84 I'd have to go back and look at those numbers. Exactly. Yeah, I was Hi.

Hi. So what we do is the complete hormone assessment looks at the six hormones, right? It looks at estrogen, high estrogen, well, we actually do. It looks like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, insulin, cortisol, and thyroid hormones. And, and it does highs and lows on a couple of them. Because you can actually experience a high hormone and a low hormone in the same day. And one of the things that's really, really important to know, and especially because you're here and the natural solutions for hormone balance sisterhood is that we pay a lot of attention to our lab numbers. But what I want you to know is that you're sick symptoms are way more important than your than your lab numbers. So, you know, even from a doctor perspective, you want to treat the person, not their lab test results. And and I know that we get really stuck on those, you know, bloodwork numbers. And so we embody that then we say, oh, you know my progesterone is high or my progesterone is low or my estrogen is too high. How can I get it down? And that's what this program is all about. It's all about identifying where your imbalances are through how you're feeling right through symptoms. And then by addressing those lifestyle factors that have an impact on them, you can completely shift your hormones and how you feel. So Carrie, do you remember after the 15 day hormone reset what your score was?

I do my after the reset when we re quizzed or reassessed I was down to 25

Oh my gosh, that's amazing. Well, Robin, I

did it twice, just to make sure. Like okay, I'm rereading this, right. Yeah, yes. Well, I know your

article and very thorough as a former school principal. It's true. That is AB salutely Incredible. And so so can you share? So this is just 15 days, right? Yeah, yes, it's just 15 days. But as you can see Kerry jumped in with both feet. Yes, you remember some of the things that improved just from those 15 days,

I do. Within the first eight days, I started using the restroom, you know, every day, and I know to some people you're like, that's, to me, it's a huge deal. Because I struggled in that area. And of course, that affects your day, it affects when you go out when you come in. And I started not just using the restroom going number two, if that is kosher, but to like I started noticing I was feeling better in my abdomen. For me, quickly also, I started noticing that my eye was more present like my brain wasn't I don't know the word. Before I've used I felt like I was kind of in a dream state. Like I was, everything was foggy, everything was slow. I felt like I was or, or the opposite. I was spun up. So where I was just like I could not stop my brain from running. And now or even in that, that 15 D Day reset, Something moved, it shifted. And I thought okay, something is here, that is better than worse. Like, I got to stick with it. I started because your program, Robin the way you present it and you give so much understanding to what's going on. And then like you said holistically like what's going on with the whole body. I felt like day after day after day, I could not wait to get on the call the live call because I knew that whatever was the day's you know, topic that it was going to serve my body it was going to serve me it was going to benefit me it was going to allow it was like an invitation that I could literally run with and be like, Okay, I got this, I'm doing this because you give step by step offerings, which again, this girl appreciates you, you also tie in, you know, how we feel about it, what we think about it, you know, how would it benefit our life outside of just us. So our families, our significant others, our children. It really it was like a song that I could not stop playing, I literally had to just go in with with both feet because I started noticing I wasn't I was more aware, mindful of my body. And so I wasn't like having any kind of acid reflux. I wasn't having any weird, you know, that you feel after you eat my fingers, this I was having very mild swelling in my fingers. I was like, Oh my gosh, it's, you know, ate at night and my fingers feel great. I started noticing my feet or also feeling more normal. Even during that 15 Day reset, I was like my feet are not feeling as achy. Again, just did this. It was movement. And for me being like I was stuck in hormone hell, like literally stuck. I thought, you know, forward is forward. Let's keep moving. So that's what your program did for me.

I love it forward is forward. That's great. Yeah, and I know what your score was in the 80s. And it went down to You improved a lot of symptoms, a lot of your symptoms, and congratulations, because you have to show up, first of all, which you did. And then you have to take action. Right, that's our motto for the program is show up and take action. And then the next day, show up and take action and then the next day. So it's just this and then you establish these really wonderful routines that help you to keep it going because everything in this program is sustainable. We're not moving diets, you know, we're not doing any weird stuff that you cannot sustain. So it's really, it's really been a lovely journey for me just to teach the basics and see the incredible changes women can see without resorting to keto or intermittent fasting, right, which are the latest things or a specific diet diet or you know, whatever, like let's just eat for hormone balance. Let's just move for hormone balance. Well Let's sleep for hormone balance, right? Let's be in community for hormone balance, like all these things have a profound impact on our well being, but we just have overlooked them. It's true, you have to do like the latest and greatest thing to get there. But I did that for years and years and years. And it didn't get me anywhere.

Well said, well said, and that's that's the thing. I will say, during the 15 day reset, I lost, I released, I released 12 pounds. Oh,

that's right, just in those 15 days, just in the pounds.

Listen, I have to tell you, again, I had tried. I mean, I even some of my doctors I'd gone to in the previous years, you know, they would say well, eat less move more. That's what they would tell me. And I'm thinking, okay, and you know, I would I would attempt and I would do, I mean, I would go in all in, and sure I had some weight loss, but I would, I would still have muscle issues, or I would be achy, or I actually was like, like, you know, I would have a more fatigued feeling so to speak, then before I started working out and your program, listen, I wasn't joining your program just to lose weight that wasn't even I just wanted to feel better. That's really what my goal, I was like, I want to feel better. The weight releasing is icing. But the cake part is the knowledge, the step by step instructions, the routines, the procedures, these are things that I'm thriving on, because they're like you said, they are doable. They're sustainable. And it's very approachable. I didn't feel scared, I didn't feel like oh, I can't do this. I was like, Listen, this is so doable. I'm the girl for this because again, I listen, I have told so many people, other women that are struggling or that are having these symptoms that they think are weird, or that or strange or that, you know, they can't seem to overcome or they they feel I mean, honestly, you just kind of feel you know, there's a there's a level of like you just kind of give up because you just work so hard. But your program Robin in the 15th day reset, I would many times be bawling at the end not because you were saying sad things. But you taught me and you invited me and you showed me you model the model that yourself modeled it yourself, to be kind to myself, to be gentle to myself, to be very just present with myself, wherever I was to cheer on myself to you know, be the CEO of what I'm wanting, so to speak. Not in a like I'm dominating, but like in a way that you gave me, you gave me permission. I didn't even know I needed permission. And I'm so so grateful because it truly has changed my life. And it's changed my family's life.

Yeah, you shut up in such a powerful way. And congratulations for seeing, you know, all those changes and for really taking it to heart because, you know, we've all I think I think most every woman has worked so hard her entire life pushed yourself so hard. Said not like things to herself, right? Yeah, we're not good enough. We haven't tried hard enough that that was my mantra this year. I'm gonna try harder. Yeah, we have more willpower, I'm gonna do better. Right, their self esteem is totally in the tank. And, and it's not our fault. And I think that that's a really big message. Around the 15 day hormone reset is not our fault. It's our responsibility to figure it out. That's right. And program isn't for everyone. I just want to say that it's for it's for you if you're ready to make change. And if you're okay, feeling great. Because sometimes we don't feel well. It's a protection. Right? It gives us it gives us a reason to feel sorry for ourselves. But if you're tired of that, you're tired of that protection and you want to shut it right then this program is really great for you. And I'd love to hear from you if you've already signed up. So you can just say I'm in I'd love to hear so I read every single comment on these hormone breakthrough Wednesdays so. So Carrie, I have a good question for you. You fill out the 50 day hormone reset case study for him.

I did Yes. I

hear you. I'm like oh my gosh, she's like amazing, like amazing going from the 80s to the 20s. Like that is incredible. And that's in 15 days, ladies. It's true 15th day so you can totally do it. I know that my team is going to post the link here for you to sign up. It starts It's in like, two and a half weeks, and we're gonna do the hormone complete hormone assessment. The week before we begin I'm gonna post my whole story in the 15 day hormone reset group the week before we begin so that you kind of know my background and and know what, what I've healed over the years. And there are already over 2000 Women who have signed up just for this reset. Can you believe that carry?

Wow, you can

see like how much we need this. Yeah, right. And we already had close to 3000 women already in from the nice resets, we've done so this is going to be one bigger, glorious love fest because that's what I think. Yeah. So Carrie, we just want to give you so much love can can you all give Karis hearts and just for sharing her incredible journey and being so brave to be here and be completely vulnerable and share her stuff with us.

Thank you, Robin.

Pretty awesome. You're such an inspiration.

Thank you.

All right. Well, thank you so much for being with us today. Carrie, and thank you for showing up on this replay. We're gonna get that technology figured out and next time we'll be live. And Carrie, let's send them so much love.


All right. Bye, everyone.