Hot Hormone Tip: Seek Simple Pleasures for Hormone Balance

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When we talk about pleasure it’s easy to think of the big things. But seeking out small, everyday pleasures can have a profound effect on your hormones. These can include things like soaking in warm sunlight, having an intimate conversation, or giving a long hug.

Noticing and experiencing these little pleasures can help lower insulin and cortisol, improve your metabolism, and increase feel-good hormones like serotonin and oxytocin.

What are two things you can find pleasure in today?

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Hello, beautiful. Oh my goodness, it's so lovely to be here with you. Happy Monday. And I'm really excited to share a hot hormone tip with you, this month is all about pleasure and intimacy. And it's because when we are experiencing pleasure, when we are experiencing intimacy, it balances our hormones and a really profound way. And so it's really like stepping your self care game up quite a bit to notice, you know, when you're experiencing pleasure. So I want to share with you the benefits, the hormonal benefits of pleasure, or in an intimacy, you know, if it's gentle and relaxing, and you're really getting into your body. And I'm going to share with you what some of those things are. So the hormonal benefits of pleasure, right, so So pleasure can be that your let me just share a couple things here. It can be that you're petting your dog, that you're petting your cat, that you feel a cool breeze on your skin, that you're soaking in the warmth of sunlight, that you're having a lovely conversation with someone you love, that you're walking outside. That's pleasure, ladies, right? These really simple things that you're doing a seven second hug is crazy amazing for hormones that those are all play considered pleasure, and intimacy. And those very simple things can just totally shift our hormones to be so much healthier. So let me share with you what happens when you're experiencing a seven second hug. Or when you're outside in nature, you know, forest bathing, your metabolism improves your thyroid stimulating hormone or TSH goes down your insulin, which is your blood sugar regulating hormone goes down, which is a good thing. Your cortisol, your fight or flight hormone goes down. So that you can make progesterone so great, right, which is our really feel good hormone. We make more serotonin, which is our happy brain chemical. So that's so great. And we make more oxytocin, which is our connecting, it's kind of our mama hormone. It's our Connecting hormone. So look at all the crazy amazing benefits we get just by noticing and experiencing pleasure. And intimacy. Right intimacy can be just that you're touching yourself. You know, maybe you're having you know, gentle sex or touches with a partner. Maybe you're, you know, going for a nice walk on the beach. Right? That's pleasure. Maybe you're riding your bike, you know, anything that makes you happy and feels really good. I just spent the weekend with my brother and my sister in love. And we had the best time you know, just being together. We played golf and tenants and did walks with our dogs and we did a lot of dog petting. Because there were four dogs. And we did cooking together and visiting and my brother and my hot sexy lover and I we played guitars and sang and oh my goodness, when you do all those things, your digestion just works so much better. Your hormones are so much better balanced life is really good. And you know, we're playing golf outside and it was so gorgeous. The sagebrush was beautiful, the mountains were incredible. So I want you to post right here two things that you can think of that are pleasurable for you today, or two things that you've done today or you've experienced that are pleasurable. So I have these gorgeous flowers in my yard that I planted all over the place. I have Mexican sage. I have some petunias. I have some Jasmine. I have a gorgeous rose. And you know just watering them today oh two different high viscous, a yellow and a red. Oh, it's just like immersed in pleasure. So post two things right here that have given you pleasure today and then he wants you to love so just click love instead of like on another woman's post. Because just by doing that you're giving her pleasure. Isn't that so lovely? All right. Sending you so much love