It’s All About Your Symptoms: Why Hormone Test Numbers Don’t Matter

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When we’re feeling out of balance, a visit to the doctor can lead to any number of tests, including for hormone levels. However, for many women, receiving the results of these tests can be a frustrating experience. We may learn that our numbers are too high or too low… But the dirty little secret is: your symptoms are more important than your test numbers.

The 15 Day Hormone Reset focuses on healing symptoms by addressing lifestyle factors responsible for hormone balance. In this video, Robin outlines what you will learn in the program, including how to interpret test numbers, which hormones to pay attention to, and what you can do right now to feel better. Hear from women who have had incredible success, and learn why feeling good is more important than numbers on a lab test.


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  • Which hormones should I pay most attention to?
  • Do I need to lose weight to feel better?
  • What can I do to blanace my hormones?


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Hopefully you can hear me. Okay, Teresa, well, you just send me a text that you can hear me. Okay? Oh gosh, because the worst thing is to not have you been able to hear me. Okay, so I think we're good. So, so excited to be here and who just want to take a moment to, to arrive. That's why the music is so nice because we can just unwind a little bit, right, just let's just roll our shoulders and, and get present. You know, even though we're supposed to still be sheltering in place, I know. It's still life is busy, life is still really busy, life is still kind of crazy. Around here, we've got a lot of fires happening. So we had crazy thunder and lightning on Saturday night. And then, which is really unusual for us. And now we've got some pretty crazy fires. And we woke up this morning with ashes all over our yards. So it was pretty, pretty, pretty wild. And I just want to send love out there to anyone who is really going through any sort of crazy stuff right now there are hurricanes happening. There's a lot going on. So I just want to send some love out to all of you who are who are having to, to deal with some extra stuff right now. That's why this community is so amazing. So we can come together here and really support each other in a super powerful way. And I want to talk about that. Because today's today's topic is all about how to rock your hormones in 15 days, and one of the things that I see is that we're very, very focused on measuring our sex hormones. So progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, right? And sometimes DHEA. So we're very, very focused on measuring those. And if they're not right, or if they don't, you know, come within range on our blood work, we freak out. Right? Look at how many of us have posted here about our numbers that are outside of where they're supposed to be. They're either too low or they're too high. And, and then we get really upset about it. And we want to know how can we fix that? So I'm going to share with you how we can fix that today. Is that great? Yes. All right. And I'd like to hear from you like, where are you joining in from? This is a world wide group. There are women from all over the world in this group. It's so amazing. So I'd love to hear where you're joining in from. And if you have experienced what I just was talking about where, you know, your doctor has said, Oh, your progesterone is too low, or your estrogen is too high, or your testosterone is too high, or your FSH is too low or your Lh is too high. If you've experienced this, please post in the comment right here, what you've been told. Right? I'd love to hear from you like what you've been told, who just breathe into that for a moment. It's kind of let that tension go. Because so many of us are told things that are not very supportive. You know, it's like, oh, yeah, this is this is completely out of balance. And then you take it to her and you're like, oh, shoot, okay, well, now what, right now what do I do, but we're not given that information on what to do. So it so it's very frustrating. Yeah. Who it's very frustrating. One other thing I'd like to hear from you is, and one thing that's really, really, really important is what are your symptoms? So hold on just one moment, I'm just thinking of closing down this and before I close this down so you think about like what your three major health symptoms are, that you want to heal completely. So think about that. Post it when you're ready. And then I want to just give a shout out to the ladies who are here. Sarah from Texas and so awesome. And and let's see. And then I also wanted to give a shout out to those ladies who said yes, like I really want this training because there are a lot of you So Heidi Asha. I'm just going to read all of them Tanya, Cheryl Dawn, Beth, Sharon, Alexandra, Laura Amanda Swati Sophia Cena for ich de lacy Ruth Laura Lilian, Heather Ann Marie, Charlene Larissa, Irene, Dawn Katie, Sandra, Amber Cara Terry, Joanie, Mariah Jen and Samantha Deborah Renee Christie Karina K Lizbeth. sigh yeas, Lisa ever, or Eva, Julie, Olga, Trenor Gina, Sophia, Alison, Kelly, Hannah Kay. And again, Heidi and Andrea. Oh my gosh, I just want to give you a shout out for saying yes to yourself. Because that's what you have to say, in order to keep moving your health and the direction of where you want to go. So yay for you ladies for saying yes. And yay for you ladies who are here. But it's amazing, right? Because that's how we see change. That's how we see some change. So now I'm going to now Close, close my browser so that there's no delay. Hmm, all right, I noticed that the light keeps shifting. And I'm not sure why that happens. But hopefully it's not driving you crazy. So let's talk about hormones for a minute. So your symptoms, what I want you to take away from this short class today is that your symptoms are way more important than numbers on a lab test. And that's because let me give you a for instance. So when women are postmenopausal, they have very low hormones, very low sex hormone, so very low. estrogen, testosterone and progesterone in general, unless you're taking hormone replacement therapy, or doing hormone replacement therapy, and many women postmenopausal feel just fine. Okay, they feel just fine. So that is a really good example of where you can have hormones that are really not within range, but you can still feel fine. And same thing with thyroid function. So our metabolism is regulated by our thyroid, right? Let's give some love to our thyroid right now. Ah, singing like we were doing at the beginning really helps with thyroid function. Singing, gargling really helps. And what's so interesting about that is that your thyroid numbers and this is probably happened to you like to hear from you. If it has just give me a thumbs up. Your thyroid numbers might look perfectly fine on your blood work and fat, your doctor has probably told you exactly that. Right? Your thyroid numbers look fine. But you don't feel like your thyroid numbers or like your thyroid is functioning optimally. Has that happened for you? Yeah, it's definitely happened for me. And and I didn't know that it was my thyroid until I started digging in to some not so traditional thyroid symptoms. And that's for a whole other training. But thyroid is responsible for pretty much thyroid hormone. A lot of things that happen in the body, right? We have, we have thyroid hormone receptors, practically on every cell of the body everywhere because it runs our entire metabolism. Right? Our health relies on our thyroid, the functioning of every cell relies on thyroid hormone. So

that's a problem when your numbers are within the laboratory reference ranges, but you're not feeling fine. Right? Would you agree? Yeah, it's a big problem. So it's the same thing with our sex hormones. It's the same thing with our cycroid. And you're thinking what the heck, you know, my thyroid is not functioning properly, but my doctor says I'm fine, and there's nothing I can do about it. And I just feel like I'm stuck. And that is the same. If we're suffering from infertility, right. Many women with PCOS symptoms of PCOS, they're told Oh, you'll never have kids, right? You might have an irregular menstrual cycle. You might not ovulate and so the doctor starts looking at your FSH, your LH, your testosterone, maybe write starts looking at some of these things and your progesterone and says, Oh, you know, your hormones are all out of whack, right? This is too high. This is too low. And you're like, okay, and then you freak out because you want to start a family. But you you don't know where to begin because the doctor doesn't say, Well, you need to do this or you need to do that. Right. So So we've looked at, you know, our sex hormones. We've looked at it thyroid function weight, right? When it comes to so many of us want to release some pounds, right? We're dying to release some pounds we're doing every single diet we know of to release weight, and we can't. So we're blaming our thyroid, we're blaming, you know, our sluggish metabolism. We're blaming a lot of things. And, and we're, you know, we're dieting, and we're over exercising, trying to fix the problem. And I know because I did that for decades, and it never fixed the problem. So what I want to invite you to think about with these sorts of these hormone dilemmas is that it's really about your symptoms. It's all about your symptoms, because let me ask you a really powerful question here. Are you ready? If you felt? Well, if you felt good? Would you be worrying about where your hormones were? Like, would you even care? If your estrogen was too hot? Would you even care if your progesterone was too low? Would you do even care if your thyroid numbers were out of line? Would you even think about testing those numbers? No, you wouldn't. We don't worry about our health at all, when we're feeling fine. Well, maybe I think about it, because I think I want to stay feeling fine. But I'm not. I'm not obsessing over my numbers, because I'm feeling good. So that's where I want to get you. Okay, that's where I want to get you. And I'm going to share a little bit about the 15 day hormone reset right now, because it's all about helping you to feel so much better. To feel so much better. Because tracking our numbers on blood work is not working. I have clients who, who were told they never have a baby. And they got pregnant, no problem and have a family. Right? I have women post menopause, who, you know, felt like crap, right? It's the old FLC. And without doing anything with hormones, just changed some of the very basic things that we do every day, and they felt fantastic. Right. So right now what I want to share with you is this. I want to share with you a couple of things, but I'm gonna start here. So this, so the 15 day, hormone reset is really about balancing these hormones, progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, cortisol, insulin, and thyroid, six different hormones that are really, really important for how we feel, right. And those are the hormones. Actually, it's thyroid, progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, that we're usually most worried about. And in reality, it's the insulin and cortisol hormones that are most important to pay attention to. And you may think, oh, my gosh, this is getting so technical. But what's really cool is that when you pay attention to your insulin, and your stress hormone cortisol, So insulin is that hormone that your pancreas produces, that helps to get blood sugar into your cells to burn for fuel. It's like the key. Insulin is the key, right? That helps our metabolism run better, more efficiently. And cortisol is our stress hormone. It's our fight or flight hormone. It's our daytime hormone that gives us really good energy. But if we're stressed all the time, and then insulin comes up, then we become more insulin resistant, and then things go sideways, which means we don't make any of our sex hormones. Insulin is elevated in our bloodstream, and cortisol is elevated, because we're chronically stressed out for whatever reason. Then guess what happens? We don't make estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. Except for sometimes we might make a little bit excess testosterone if we have insulin resistance, so elevated insulin over time can increase androgen levels. Have and force the metabolism of those androgens when you call them testosterone for now, down a more potent pathway that causes acne, hair loss. And here's the tourism, that dark corpse hair growth. So things just go completely downhill, not even sideways downhill when our cortisol and insulin are chronically elevated. So with the 15 day hormone reset, we focus on those things that help to balance insulin and cortisol. And that, in turn, helps us to build progesterone, to balance progesterone and estrogen to metabolize testosterone in a healthier way. And it's incredible, because at the beginning of the 15, day, hormone reset, we take a complete hormone assessment. So you'll get to see all of the different hormones, what their symptoms are, and some has similar symptoms. And then you get give yourself a score. And those symptoms, again, are way more important than any blood testing or any testing you could ever do. Because how you feel is more important than any test. Now the testing gives you some objective information on how to take action. But you know, it's really cool. This is so cool, is that you have control over all of it. So So you are the magic. That's why that song is so great. Right? You are the magic. Because it's how you take care of yourself. That impacts your estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, FSH and LH, right. And thyroid. So it's how you take care of yourself. It's what you eat. I'm going to show you in just a second here. All the different factors that play in to balancing your hormones. Are you ready? Yes. So while I'm bringing up this next slide, I'd love for you to share with me an AHA that you've gotten so far. Just put my aha is you had an aha yet. Because I want more than anything for you to feel fabulous for you to figure out how to get your hormones balanced, so that you can feel fabulous and it's in your hands. It's in your hands, sister, you are the CEO of your health. Nobody else can help you with this. no doctor, no friend, right? Except for encouragement. Because it's how you take care of yourself that has the biggest impact on your hormone balance and how you feel. Isn't that awesome? So awesome. Okay, so let me bring something up here, see if I can find it.

Here it is. So I'm going to share my screen. So these are all the things that have a really big impact on your hormones. There are 15 of them 10 515 things that we do during the 15 day hormone reset that have the biggest impact on your hormones. So I picked them. One thing that's not in here are toxins, but we actually talk about those in every aspect each, each of the 15 days, because each of them have a toxic side, right. And it's those toxins that we have to release if our body's gonna stay balanced, because toxins are constant stress. So let's take a look at the 15 days. So I don't tell you where we're starting. But we address pleasure because pleasure helps to balance our hormones. We address cravings because we know that those cravings are a huge underlying stressor for our bodies. And it's so amazing. I have like pages of testimonials from the first 50 Day hormone reset and cravings go away like that. When you take care of yourself in the right way. food and nourishment. What does that look like? If you're not dieting? How can you actually eat in a way that balances your hormones? Well, I teach you how to do it. So one thing that's really cool about this program is there is no dieting allowed. And women love lost hundreds of pounds over 15 days. Right as a collective, we lost hundreds of pounds. without dieting, isn't that amazing? without dieting, and without over exercising, and they ate more than they ever had and felt better? How cool is that? It's so cool. We have been, we've been dieting and over exercising for far too long. And now we need to take back our dignity or self esteem and stop that vicious cycle. And we do that in 15 days. And then I teach you about why and why your am routine in the morning is so important, you're gonna love it. And how it actually sets your cortisol balance for the rest of the day, set your circadian rhythm. And then we talk about vitamins, right, those nutrients that we need to replenish our bodies, our bodies can function properly. It's awesome, right? And then digestion, how digestion is so important. And just some simple steps you can do to improve your digestion, over 15 days, that will make such a huge difference, because so many of us have digestive problems. And then we talk about what's between our ears, right our mind and how that can sabotage us or how our mind can really support us, and how to stay more in the inspired motivated place more of the time so that we can do this beautiful work. And then how sleep plays a huge role in insulin, cortisol and all of your sex hormones and how you can get more of it. Right sleep is the new sex. I love this sleep is the new sex. Everybody's talking about how we're not getting enough. Right? Everyone's talking about how we're not getting enough. And it's so true, we need way more than we think we do. And I'm gonna share all about how like sleep is the elixir for feeling fabulous. And then at the very end, I talked about next steps. And then I share about intimacy and how we can get back to intimacy, and how we can really support our pelvic floor to be much healthier. So one woman in the 50 day hormone reset actually complete her her urinary incontinence that she had had for three years completely gone. And I will show you how you can do that. Amazing, right? totally doable. And it's not about doing que goals. It's about hormonal balance on your pelvic floor makes all the difference ladies and urinary incontinence, oh my gosh, let's talk about it. It's so common, and we suffer in silence Crazy, right? Let's stop doing that Let's support each other, to heal these things, because we totally can do it. And then we talk about relationships, and how to get those we love on our side, and how to just show up better and relationships in general and why they can sabotage our hormones. It's really awesome. And then our evening routine, our pm routine, why that's so important, and how it balances our hormones. And then we share some really cool hormone elixirs with you some little drinks that we can make some things we can use that can help to balance our hormones. And then I'm gonna talk about exercise exercise movement. And how we need to shift our movement based on the hormonal response of our body. And it's unique for each woman isn't that crazy? Some movement might might be really supportive for for some women and some movement might not be. So we've got to figure out what movement is just right for you, and your hormone balance. And we'll figure that out. And then we talk about why it's important every day to do some calm, some soothing, some restoring, and what that looks like and how we do that. So that we can get back into our bodies and really nourish ourselves so that our hormones can be balanced. Right? So it's a very, it's a very simple, it's a very simple process and you don't have a slide to show you. I'm just wondering if I can draw it on here. Let me draw something for you real quick. So, so we have we have we have a hormone called pregnenolone

you know, I'm not going to be able to draw it fast enough. So so there there's there's cholesterol is the mother of all of our steroid hormones. Isn't that so cool? So we do not want our cholesterol to get too low because we need that cholesterol to make are beautiful steroid hormones. And sometimes when our cholesterol elevates it can be because of a sluggish thyroid. So that's for another conversation. But we have cholesterol and cholesterol makes pregnenolone. And pregnenolone can go to make all of our sex hormones or it can go to make progesterone, or it can go to make cortisol. So look at look at it this way, if we're constantly stressed out, for whatever reason. So there's a really cool handout in this group called the top 10, things that throw off your hormone balance, and we're going to address all of them and the 15 day hormone reset. So what happens is, if you've got these underlying stressors that are happening all the time, or you're just too darn busy, or whatever the stressors are for you, you're going to use that pregnenolone to make cortisol over and over and over and over again. And you're not going to be using it to make progesterone. So you're going to be really deficient in progesterone. And you'll see on the hormone assessment, what those symptoms of low progesterone are, in fact, you probably already know many of them because you're experiencing them. So we've got to get a handle on insulin and cortisol. And most of us don't even know what our fasting insulin number is, because our doctors don't test for it anymore. So let's do this. Right, let's do this. Theresa is going to post the link for the 15 day hormone reset, it's coming up September 14, and you can register now. So we're in the pre event registration phase this week, we did not plan on opening up our doors this week. But we decided to anyway. And just for this week, you can get it for $15 $1 a day. Crazy, right $1 A day. Last time, we had over 700 women in the program. Wow. It was amazing. And it was a complete love fest. So if you are in this beautiful group, that group have this beautiful natural solution for hormone balance group, it's a no brainer sister, you've got to join, we've done everything we can to make it a no brainer. And if you're listening to this video, after this week, right, so today's the 20th first one second 23rd. And the price goes up after the 23rd. But it only goes up to $25. But then after then it goes up more. So the sooner you jump in, the cheaper it's going to be we're encouraging you to say yes to yourself right now. And let me tell you about a few about a few gals who shared their journey with us. So there was some incredible transformations in 15 days. One of the reasons why it's so powerful is because we're on purpose for 15 days. We're on purpose for 15 days. And we can do anything for two weeks, anything. And like I say we you're going to eat better than you have in a long time, you're going to get really clear on what things mess up your hormones and what things promote hormone balance. And just with that knowledge alone, you're gonna see some crazy, amazing results. And you're no longer going to be focused on those numbers that your doctor gives you. When you say, my FSH is too high, you know, how do I have a baby with this, because you're going to get a handle on the foundational, the big I call them the big hormones, insulin cortisol so that your other hormones are more balanced. It's incredible how it works. Absolutely incredible. And I'll also show you how you can get some good nutrients for the program if you want to do that. But it's not. It's not required at all. And so let me just share with you. Let me just share with you a few of the testimonials from the last one. So my period came early yesterday with no warning. Can you imagine getting a period with no warning? And guess what? I've had no PMDD symptoms so no, you know really crazy PMS symptoms. Since starting the program 10 days ago. I've also had no cramps this cycle, and my skin looks and feels amazing. Like I'm aging in reverse. Yes, right. We can grow younger no matter what our age. You weren't kidding that hormones can reset quickly with your program. Robin. I'm a believer and I'm so grateful and that's from Kalia. And what I haven't shared yet is that in just three days we can reset a metabolic hormone. So with progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, thyroid, cortisol, insulin, the six hormones that we're focusing on, we can reset them in three days. And I'm going to show you why that is. It's amazing, right? It's amazing. Like we think, Oh, this is going to take forever, it doesn't. One woman, one woman posted that she and her husband had not been using birth control for five years. And at the end of this program, she got pregnant. They weren't trying to get pregnant, but her body had balanced so much in such a short period of time that she conceived. So she now is on her way to a beautiful, beautiful baby. She didn't send in that testimonial, she just posted it. So crazy things happened during this program. Now, if you're not expecting to get pregnant, make sure that you use birth control or if you're postmenopausal, you don't have to worry about it. But your body can get really balanced in a short period of time. So let me share another one. I cannot thank Robin and her team enough for the 15 day hormone reset course. I've struggled with hormonal issues since puberty, acne, hirsutism, endometriosis, PMS, anxiety, PND weight gain, hair loss, and more. After years of struggle, I finally found a program that combines all combos components needed to heal my hormones permanently, small, daily maintainable steps that can be can be sustained long term, right? This is a sustainable program where you can take everything that you've learned and keep it going forever. That addresses mental, emotional, physical and relational health. I've already seen changes in my skin tone and texture, my energy levels of reduction and PMS, weight loss. But most of all a change in my mindset. I've not felt positive and hopeful for weeks on end like this in yours. Thank you, Robin. Through your knowledge, enthusiasm and support, you set me up for success on my healing journey. forever grateful, Hilda, thank you so much. Elda, for your beautiful words, and both for you Kalia and Elda, for being so vulnerable, right and sharing where you've been and how amazing the program was for you. And it's amazing, because these ladies actually followed my suggestions, right? You can't just show up and have miracles happen. You have to do the work. So when we knock on the door of vibrant, sexy, amazing house, guests who answer it's hard work, right? We have to do the work. But it's going to be so much more pleasurable than it's ever been so much more fun. Because I keep things simple, fun and pleasurable. That's how I roll and we get results that way. And then we live our lives. Right? Okay, I'm going to find one more except that a lot of them here. I lost 15 pounds and 22 inches, even though I wasn't focused on losing weight, which is exactly what we talk about. Let's Get Healthy to lose weight, we cannot lose weight to get healthy. Okay, we have to get healthy to lose weight. Well, just by following my suggestions, she lost 15 pounds and 22 inches. I just wanted to get healthy and get my hormones back in balance. I'm loving my new, healthier life. Okay. And that's from Jenny. Amazing, right? And oh, my gosh, there are so many good ones. Okay, so here's one on the hormone assessment. So there were amazing before and after scores on the hormone assessment. And that's why you take it, and there's no judgment around what your starting score is at all. Absolutely no judgment, because for some of us, it's going to be super high, right? We're really out of balance, and that's fine. That's why you're here. So, so Sarah says participating in Robin's 15 Day hormone reset was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It provided me with the tools needed to learn how to take charge of my health and really begin the art of self care. I love that the art of self care that's so beautiful, in order to better better balance my hormones. I've always known how important that was. But Robin really helped me figure out what that looks like for me. So grateful for her my hormone assessment score before was 49 and it was 11 after the program

and that's from Sarah. So awesome. Oh, and again, I have the the testimonials are endless. The results were crazy amazing and the community was so incredibly loving and supportive like that. That to me was the best part of the 15 day or hormone reset. Overall and Theresa is on supporting you today and she was part of it. Last time too, and I know she feels the same way. It was absolutely incredible. It's just a love that's like, every day, we showed up there for 15 days, and there was so much love in the room, right in our sisterhood that it was incredible. So I hope that you will jump in with like, no apprehension at all, because it's like the best program ever, for $1 a day, right? For two Cafe lattes, you can have a life changing experience. Let's do this sister. All right. So I want to know, if you're in, let me know that you've joined. Oh, my gosh, we're gonna have so much fun. And you also have an opportunity to buy the lifetime access package for super cheap. So, you know, if you're thinking, gosh, I can't show up every single day or I don't know if I can keep up then just purchase the lifetime access package. And you'll have it forever. And you can download the materials, watch them, there are gals doing that right now. And they're going to join into this new one as well. So it's, it's it's incredibly profound. It's going to clear so many questions up for you. And as you're going to feel empowered, you're going to feel so empowered, you're like, shoot, I wish I had known this, you know, 20 years ago. Even if you're only 30, you're going to wish you knew this when you're 10. Because we've suffered for so many years, and there's no reason we can totally do this, we can totally do this. Alright, so I'm sending you so much love. And I want to I want you to wait on inviting your friends. Because we have a bring a friend contest that we're going to launch in the next couple of days. We're just working out the technology part. And we have some awesome prizes for you. So right now, if you're in the natural solutions for hormone balance, sisterhood, I want you to sign up. And then I will show you how you can invite your girlfriends and be part of our crazy amazing contest. Alright, I'm sending you so much love and it looks forward to seeing you inside the incredible 15 Day hormone reset program. All right bye for now.